Blue pillness inflating Indian girls SMV

Incident one

I have spent 3 months in Malaysia, 50% percent of the Indian girls I have seen were obese. Malaysia is in a deep slide economically and women here are looking for providers rather than lovers. Chinese and Malay girls recognise their feminine values as their best assets and use them to gain better life with higher status men. On the other hand, the only fat girls I see in my regular gym are of my own race. Indian girls are not taking care of themselves.

Incident two

Met two girls* during a bar outing with my sister and her friend. They (Indians) were mildly fat, dressed below average, and talked garbage. The best part of all, one has a boyfriend whom I never seen. The second girl is apparently chatting to a guy through facebook. She is presumably looking for a groom for marriage. My guess is that they assumed themselves as beauty queens.

Incident three

A look-alike of an Estonian girl I NB closed in KL but shorter hair. 

I decided to do some facebook scouting. What I found was horrendously crazy. An average looking Indian girl(HB 6) gets on average 3 times more attention that a cute French girl (HB 7 or 8) and probably a HB 9 Eastern European girl. This is insanely annoying.

Incident four

A few months ago, I attended an Indian wedding of a friend. He studied in France and quite pleasingly, some of his buddies came over for his doomsday. A couple of girls came over. Sadly with their boyfriends except for one Austrian girl, a HB 7. Well, she was the only white meat on the showcase. I lost counts of the number of my fellow brown brothers who started orbiting her. It was an eye-watering sight seeing them getting her pussy dry rather than wet. I gamed her later on at the post party until I got cockblocked by my own sister**.

Analysing the situation:

1)Non-existant healthy lifestyle

She is not fat. She happens to have an extra pair of racks

I restarted working out rigorously a few months ago and am fast heading towards the 10 % body fat stage. The leaner I get, the less tolerant I am towards obesity. Seeing a fat person at the prime of their life rings to my mind that they have digested laziness as their main diet supplement. Readily undertaking a mortal “Fat Creating Lifestyle” is pure stupidity. Indians have bad eating habits, an abundance of rice and butter raking up the pot belly. But so do other Malaysians in general. Indian girls between the age of 20 to 30 hold the podium for a hippo look alike competition. I would include Indian men as well in this group. I won’t be surprised when they end up competing with American girls for the “Most Obese People Competition”. Another reason might just be boundless attention from thirsty seekers ending up inflating their sexual market values. Which comes to point No 2.

2)Social Network and Technology Bombarding

The dating scene in the first world has suffered largely from the back of tech explosion. Malaysian’s despite living in a 3rd world country have caught up to this bitter advancement. Having a classy iPhone is regarded as a necessity rather than a luxury. I’ve heard of girls who rate guys based on the phones they use. They spend countless minutes and hours attention whoring rather than performing purposeful activities. Don’t be surprised when you get weird stares while initiating topics such as hobbies, culture and arts with an Indian girl here. Most of these girls don’t educate themselves and rely solely on their fading beauty and imaginary internet life for survival.

These girls are getting unadulterated attention in social networks(despite being fat). Malaysians are prone to wasting their time on Facebook. Sitting in a restaurant with my mum, I have seen camera sprung out every few minutes. Selfies galore. After some investigation, I reached to a conclusion that most of the dating scenes here are executed online. Now those selfies aren’t surprising anymore. Flashing their made up cute barbie doll faces, these girls get massive attention leading to self-entitlement despite being average. I had a second cousin who dated a guy for one year through facebook. They got married a few years ago and are blessed with two children. At least they are happy for the time being. Having a good facebook account is a vital social proof in the tech-dominated world we live in now. In Malaysia, it can be your only lifeline. Some girls tend to underlook your initial conversation and appearance for a sleek facebook profil***.

3)Overbearing family members

Everyone knows that Indian parents are over protective. Not purely out of love or care but to prove to the society than they have done their task as good parents. Nevertheless, I love my parents. They have done everything they can and at the same time showed me most of the harsh real world(except on issues regarding picking up girls). Their over protectiveness must not prevent their adult children from making their own decisions and turn them into spoilt creatures. ‘Letting Loose’ their kids once they reach a mature age will create a diligent and independent Indian community rather than paving the road in creating over attached adult babies. We are certainly far away from this. Girls feeling entitled as their father’s princess are common. Boys still hold to their mum’s saree ( I remember being one not long ago) Expect your common Indian girl who grew up in a typical Indian community to be snobby and unreasonably demanding. In fact, the ugliest and fattest girls rank the top for these intolerant behaviours. Heard this before ,haven’t you?

4)The most beta guys in the world

Surely not beta

As usual, she will have the lowly tail wagging dogs performing multiple essential tasks just to make her day. These guys get little help from their overly parental dependant upbringing and usually lack the spirit to fight the manipulative unjust girls they encounter. These boys won’t dare to challenge their parents despite being on the right side, mustering a pinch of thought to challenge an overblown ice queen is a scene lost in the outer space. But how many strong Indian men are out there? I believe that I am on the verge of becoming one in the near future. Sadly, most of them fear the red pill impact on their relationship with their family members which can lead to out rest.

Stalking is a big bad habit of most Indian guys. Wanking to girls pictures on social networks and sending creepy needy messages are not rare. These actually makes pick up harder and they fail to understand the impacts of their actions. There are probably a few thousand stalking on some random girls facebook profile while I am writing this article. There have been some serious cases in India where mobile shop owners have been caught for selling girls numbers to their male clients. I won’t be surprised if this happens in Malaysia. These guys are really creative but applied their innovation at the wrong place.


The problem is clear: Blue Pilled Cultural Regression.

Although feminism is working slowly into our society, we are far away from being infected by its virus. Despite the social downfall, there are still a large amount of attractive and feminine Indian girls out there. There is still hope in a condition that the loose patches are remade and enforced.

* These two girls could easily be 7s if they lose some weight.

** Girls can be your best wing and also the worst. In this case, I suffered the later.

*** I recently understood its worth in long gaming girls. I should really work on my facebook profile.