The delayed October Sarging : 3rd and 4th week

Yay, yay, yay. I am no more in France. Yup, my visa expired, couldn’t get myself a job there. Don’t want to end up being an illegal immigrant. I took myself back to where I started my life as a toddler. Now, I am writing this wonderfully delayed article sitting on a bed covered with a pink Donald Duck bed sheet in my cousin’s house in South East Asia. No, I haven’t turned gay, so no worries. This article should have been written a long time ago, but I ain’t a machine. Haven’t had any chance or time to game here in Malaysia either. Bad logistics amplifying the mess even further. Living with my mom for the first week in a petty town, and now with my relatives. I finally found a job here at least. Just starting off, settling in a new place, and haven’t approached any hot chick since I left la France. Nah, I will never miss those stinky cheese, those half snobby French lasses, and most of all the ever grungy streets of France which is always covered by those stinky unpicked dog shits. But of course, I will regret missing out on French pussies. Damn, I hope I had learned game earlier in my life.

Nevertheless, my last 2 weeks in France was a hectic one, but memorable. Party, friends, sickness, cold weather, daygame meltdowns, but boosted by some vast improvements after some discussion and analysis of my game. So here we go, October sarging 3rd and 4th week. Well, 3rd week, one word, disastrous. I had 1 bloody fucking number close, and guess what, the girl gave me some fake number. I was having immediate blowouts, streaks, and streaks of those. I was mind fucked. 18 sets and one lame number close. This was worst than my meltdown in Belgrade. I was left feeling empty and disgusted by the brain frying nonsense given to me by my beloved French booties. I spit out my problem in RooshV forum. Well, four problems were identified. First one, style. Check out my previous post on that one. It saved me at least 50 approaches.

The rest. empathy, compliance and the most valuable asset in life, emotional connection. I learned these the hard way. To enter the wet hole, you have to enter her mind and heart. Not as easy as it is said. Every woman is different and is triggered in a different way. Sometimes there is no way around it. Let’s save it for later. I don’t even know if I understood what it means. Well, let’s get back to 4th week of sarging. Don’t be surprised, well experience daygamers won’t be, but I ain’t gonna lie.

4th Week Summary

22 sets


1 Instant date(girl who wears a beanie as a hijab during winter, I laughed out at that)

No lays as usual.

3 out of those 7 NBC closes were high yes girls, including the girl from the instant date. Another 2 flaked (one of them a Thai girl)after the first two text exchanges. The rest flaked belly fully. But yeah, it was mine too lose. The 3 ladies were into me, replying me within 10 minutes, but my text game sucks big time. It was my last week in France, I pushed for the dates as fast as I could rather than building some comfort over the text. Boom!! These are worth some meta-analysis. The best example would be when I ended beta sizing the Thai girl by complimenting her from a position of disinterest. I got a “Thank You” as reply, the last thing I would want to hear from a girl.

Daygame is a better medicine


The instant date. A tasteful experience with an Italian born Moroccan girl while sipping some English tea. I had 1 NBC from a tall French girl(HB8) just before, she was enthusiastic about going for a drink. She ended up in my flake list later on, never replying to my text. Vibe pumped up, I was singing some grungy Indian song, whistling while cat-walking down Rue Republique in the heart of Lyon. I saw this Morrocan turning her head,walking, looking, looking into the coffee shop. Nah, it was Haagen Dass, ice cream shop. Yes, ice cream. Ohh, I hate ice-creams! I opened her. She was dressed like a clown,colourful from top to bottom, different colours. After 10 minutes, we were sitting inside Haagen Daas. No ice creams, we drank tea. Hot English tea heating up our bodies during a cold french autumn. Without makeup, she was HB 6.5 at least.

Close enough look alike


I decided to call this girl, “The beanie girl”. She wears beanies during the cold winter as an equivalent to a hijab during summer. My body stayed still, my mind fidgeting. I finally had an I-date, and it ended up with a K-selected religious girl. I heard of those nasty horny Arabic sluts who hide themselves in veils but this one was an exception. She doesn’t drink. Never goes out late at night. A traditional girl that I won’t mind dating in a long term, except for the Muslim part. Bad timing, I was looking for a quick fun R-selected pussy. I decided to keep the date short. 10 minutes into the date, I sensed that she isn’t that girl that responds to asshole game, witty dry jokes or creative story telling. She is intellectually and emotionally triggered. A pure K-selected girl. I realized a few days later, intellectual discussion doesn’t not make a pussy wet, but the man’s ability to converse in-depth on specific topics and hold the girl’s attention gives the adverse effects. It conveys power and confidence which are vital tools in seduction. A powerful tool, but only if slight attraction has already established and this girl was surely attracted to me.

I bantered about science and physics, relating it with life, chaos theory, destruction, karma, and rebirth. Chaining it with certain movies that I watched evoking these theories. I avoided talking about religion to avoid offending her. In the end, she was a 19 year old teenager arriving in a new country far away from her friend. The next 20 minutes were spent on her talking about her life, me guiding her all the way. Next step, verbal kino!!!

Looking into her dark brown eyes, with a slow deep voice, I uttered, “You have nice lips”.

“What was that”, I heard the voice from the Arabic babble sitting in front of me.

I repeated, “I said, you have nice lips”.

The next second, she was asking me about my girlfriend, which I never had. This girl was game. I decided to tease her, just to test for some compliance.

“You know, I think….. you are funny, talkative, a bit smart, but most of all absolutely crazy.”

She,giggling and talking, looking at me, then her eyes gazing over her cup of tea, “Yes, I am”.

A few seconds later, I came to know that logistics were not on my side. She was living with her parents, and I had two blue pilled friends back home who are not aware of the existence of game. Despite the attraction, everything pointed out at she not being DTF. Affirmation needed. I touched her hand, looking at her fading nail gloss. She gave some nervy chill, she pulled back after a couple of seconds. Then, I was sure. I looked at my phone, told her I have to get back. We exchanged numbers and walked for a few minutes before heading on separate ways.

We texted a couple of times, but now I’m now in another country. The prospect of a typical Krauser initiated long game is my only option for the time being. Meanwhile, I am eager to start daygaming in Malaysia. Still yet to do any sessions for valid reasons. Daygaming is novel here, girls have never seen it before. I will probably have to start all over again……..

October Sarging (2nd Week) and Miscellaneous

Day game

  • 4 sessions – 21 sets – 2NBC/ 1FBC – 0 Dates – 0 Lays

  • All three flaked at different levels. This brown guy ended up humping his red pillow. Look at the picture below and you will understand.

    Yup. This is the very me

Night game

  • Non-existence as usual.

Online game

  • I look like shit in pictures. DOT


  • I pumped my body with explosive hydrogen cyanide.

  • Indian Hulk ready to be unleashed.

  • Muscles are growing and I look fitter since started re-working my dormant nerves and muscles.

Money and hustle –

  • Freelancing failed. Reason, lack of professional experience in writing. BOOM.

  • Building from scratches in the Warrior Forum.

  • Work on my sci-fiction thriller came to a halt.

  • Plans to learn business from a cousin who is into timber imports.

Others –

  • Confrontation with my family.

  • Basic Red Pill Indian guy problem.(More on this later once I return back home soon. I smell burnt charcoal launched towards me despite the distance)

  • Finished reading James A. Corey’s Caliban’s War. Recommended to all sci-fiction lovers but contains highly feminized characters, so don’t tear it apart. I nearly did.

Hunger for pussy – 200 %

PS: The guy in the picture above is not me. I look worst than that.

October Sarging (1st week):A bit rusty and 2 weak FB closes

September was a drab month. My summer vacation ended mid way through September. Two fucking days of bus all the way from Eastern Europe to Lyon gave me blotted feet which freaked me out. No big deal, I was back running around like a happy dog in a few days. Here I was, back at my friend’s gigantic apartment where I had the whole living room to myself. I was jobless, still am, but not a man in desperation. I would wake up the next morning, turn on my dusty computer which has been serving me tirelessly for the past few years and look for jobs that would suit me, or that I would suit in. It was tiresome, with a master’s degree in engineering people expect you to play by the same rules all the time. You graduate, send the same CV and resume that every other blockhead graduate would send. The HR then filters the uncanny blockheads such as me and interviews the genuine one’s. You then go through several unworthy procedure, earn yourself a small cubicle among an office full of experienced blockheads. Office hours, 9 to 5, you go back home with a slouched back, tired and unhappy with your life.

Couple of months ago I was swimming in the vague current that would bring be to that very path. Letter after letters, call after calls. In June, a young lady working for an up coming engineering company was very kind to give way to my pestering and decided to interview me. I never heard from her again except for a short mail with a negative reply. Lying back on my bed, I pondered and pondered, not too long of course, I knew that I wanted to write. The rage to write was instilled in me a long time ago, but worthless commitments took away the desires to nestle with the words that would perk up in my brain. But now, I had time in my hand, nobody to stop me but me and only me. All I have to do is invest my time and skill and be rewarded with a lump of cash which would surely not bloat my back account any time soon. I signed up and tried my luck, some of my proposal was considered but nothing came up. I then decided to try my hands on dock shipping and site flipping. Everything backfired, there is no way to make quick money, and I decided to lock my heels on writing and freelancing.

Well, all these trial and errors with various money fabricating methods were onerous and harshly long. Damn those people who make buck loads of money in a short spin. Being a normal human being I took it step by step. Still looking for my first project, but I am a realist optimist. Good times aren’t far ahead. Speaking about normal human being, well, all work and no play makes a tiger angry and wild. I nearly became one. I approached probably 5 girls during this period. My game went stall. I had to get my ass out and that is just what I did. My first approach after the lay off was a petite French Moroccan, a lawyer and she was receptive. She complimented me for being smart and funny, the vibe was good but for some unknown reason I did not number close her. I did another 2 sets that day, ended up FB closing a local girl who was reluctant of my kino. There was a small hunch of approach anxiety creeping back in but this set vanquished all the doubts I had on nervousness after a break from day game. However, the same girl ignored my friend request and I would not make a big fuss about that, not anymore.

My second session of the week was on a sunny but quite chilly Wednesday evening. My first two sets were cold blow outs, but not spine chilling cold by any means. My 3rd set ended in a Facebook close. A HB6 at the most, dressed prominently in pink, I opened her by complimenting her look alike to a pink doll. She was receptive, a good set but something was missing, something I could not just point my finger to. I avoided adding her in facebook knowing from my previous experience. My next set was a HB 8. A tall slender office girl taking big strides like a lioness preying on a bull. She was giving mone-wordrd reply, two at the most. She has a boyfriend and was reluctant in giving me her number. The set ended and I sent her on her way. The next 3 sets were roadblocks. Sun was soon setting, the air getting colder and street being filled with gradual emptiness. I spotted a girl crossing me, a small plaster at the corner of her right eye. She was dressed in a long red coat with a small black sports bag in her hand. She was a 7 for me. I chased her and opened her from the side, complimenting on her attire and inquiring about the small wound I spotted earlier.

There were instant chemistry, looking into her shiny eyes there was a twinkling spark. She moved two steps closer towards me. For some reason I have been approaching girls in English before switching to French and the trend continued. She is a dancer on her way to buy a scarf that would keep a tiny body warm before hitting the dance class. I saw ROI from her, questions, she asking me. I saw attraction and decided to build comfort and rapport. I took the chance to do some escalation. I brushed her hair lightly like a soft breezy wind blowing past without any resistance. She did not show any discomfort. We talked mostly about travels and books. She even visited my birth country which gave more baits to latch on. The set was a bout to end. I was confident about the number close. Dang!!! She refused to pass me her number. I was confused, she was resisting, but not moving away from me. I held her hand for a while until she pulled it away. There were no signs of discomfort and I sensed a girl who wants to be chased. The shield could been shattered if I had not been rusty as I were.

The set died, I walked away, took the subway and returned home. Thinking about it, my inability to persist was the turning point here. Something that has been poking me in the head since the last few months. Or was she enjoying some free harmless attention that I was pouring on her. I was also hesitant during my escalations. With a bit more confidence, I could have done wonders. I went out again on Friday, bad day to go out; I had done it before and will never learn. I took a mid afternoon nap that left me with a groggy head. For some reason I did only 4 sets which went to the graveyard. My vibe was bad, I stopped a girl who only spoke French, I struggled to muster any word in French despite my fluency. Everything was wrong today, my energy, busy people preparing for the weekend and the ever decreasing temperature. I was angry at myself. It was a shitty day and for someone who had done around 700 sets, days like this are big headaches which evoked disgrace when I look myself at the mirror. Next week has to be different, very different.

Bratislava Intel : 3rd Instant Date with a cute Slovakian

After a week of village life in Poland, I hit up Bratislava. Boom!!! Wrong time, and I already booked airbnb for the rest of the week. The streets were pretty much empty except for the occasional passage of a few hot girls. Lots of tourist the first weekend, not existent night life and a pretty boring city. Nobody should spend more than two days here, but I had 6 days to go. Despite the slow vibe of the city, I was pretty much in mood to day game after a week of rest from game. I spent the first day touring the city. I found a couple of good day game spots. Around Postova street, the old town to game some tourist and last but not least Eurovea shopping. Bratislava is a student city and the my biggest mistake is coming here during summer when all of them are away sniffing the salty beach air.

Nevertheless, Eurovea had a good traffic of girls. I sticked to this spot for day gaming frequenting it for at least 3 hours of day game. Logistically not a great place, as I have to take the tram back and there was no proper bar nearby except for couple of coffee shops. I got good reception from girls here. Mostly friendly. There was this one girl who wasted my time before here boyfriend came. I day gamed 4 times in 6 days I was there. I tried pushing for instant date in each and every interaction. I stopped asking for number unless I see vast investment in girls. I number closed a few girls and FB closed one girl(who did not accept my friend request). There were not many sets to approach so I decided to make the most of each one. And finally, on my 4th day there I got my 3rd instant date with a cute Slovakian.

She was on holidays from her summer job in an Italian restaurant. I opened her. After couple of minute of vibing and plowing. She opened up after 5 minutes and started investing more. I saw glittering eyes with it. I suggested instant date. She compiled telling that she need some water as she haven’t drank anything for a few hours. I lead her to a coffee shop at the end of the shopping mall near the supermarket. We started talking and the longer we went, the more she invested. Good sign. I did some spiking and teasing. At the same time, I sensed some nervousness. The reason was that she is speaking lots of English after some time. I touched her finger giving reason to see her ring. I then concentrated on building rapport. I took hold of her long hair and stroked it gently. It was quite long, the longest I have seen in Bratislava. She remained calm and comfortable. Then came the problem. She was working for the next three days morning till night. It was already late and I will be leaving town in 2 days.

After 40 minutes, I decided to move venue. We went outside and she offered me a cigarette. Once a chain smoker, I knew I would not get addicted again just after one cigarette. I light up my stick and we restarted talking while smoking. It was getting cold and I started walking with her to the tram stop. We were at the junction, I wanted to push for the venue change to escalate further. . I turned to face her. I said to her that we will not meet again so I will have to give her a gift. I told her to close her eyes. I went for the kiss. She pulled back but then giggled. I pushed my lips forwards and kissed her again. There, that moment, I should have held her hand and lead her to another bar. But for some reason, I chickened out. I wished her good bye and took the tram going in the opposite direction to her’s. I took a break the next day. I did another 10 sets a day before leaving Bratislava where 4 of them were solid. But 2 of them had boyfriends and I failed to show enough persistence in the later 2 sets.

My improvements :

  1. I have drastically reduced my approach anxiety. I rarely creep out of the set unlike before. Statistically, I approach 80-90 % of the girls I am attracted to.

  2. Body language improvement. I now cross my hands less. More open. My eye contacts has improved.

  3. I let the girls do the talking once I reached the hook point. Previously, I tend to banter and ramble too much even after various IOI’s . Over gaming is de-gaming.

  4. Getting a girls number doesn’t matter. Spend more time with her physical self

To improve:

  1. Pushing the dates to the maximum. I realised that the dates did not convert into lays mainly because of my lack of decisiveness and playing it too safe.

  2. Building persistence to created interest from maybe girls; I still eject too early once the girls show disinterest.

  3. I still tend to talk too much and cut off the girl.
  4. Getting the lay I want. My balls are becoming bluer!!!

Bratislava is  a city with some hot girls (nothing like Lithuania). Given the chance, I would not visit this place again for its slow and dreadful vibe. After Bratislava, I took the train down south all the way to Belgrade. The land of one of the most beautiful women on the planet, they say.But my first day in Belgrade was an eventful one, one that mind fucked me for a day(it was just a day to the least).

Vilnius Trip report: 1st instant date

I hit up Vilnius after Kaunas. My first day there, I meet with a guy from RooshV forum. He told me about him getting 2 lays from 2 tinder dates. He suggested me using tinder, but having tried it I know it does not work for me. The next day,I went out daygaming. For some reason the weather in Lithuania is quite unpredictable. This day was warm and cloudy which was perfect for daygaming. I strolled along Gedimino Boulevard which is the main shopping street in Vilnius. For any daygamers, I recommend running your conquest from Gedimino street, up to the Cathedral and all the way to Pilies street and Didzioji street.

I did a small warm up set to get into the mood. My next approach was a young blond carrying a bag across Gedimino boulevard. She looked quite young until I found out that she just finished her 1st year in university. I opened her direct with a bit of tease, telling her that she looks like a drug dealer probably carrying cocaine in her bag. The bag was apparently empty and she was heading to her summer job. I did a good 5 minutes conversation until I she told me that she has a boyfriend. I persisted but the set did not go anywhere and we wished each other to have a nice day. I then had 2 more blowouts. One of them was probably a tourist who looked at me like a street beggar and just walked away. I laughed out a loud at that rejection.

My next approach ended up in a very strong set. She was walking holding her phone while playing pokemon GO. I made fun a bit about people playing pokemon GO but she told me that it enables her to exercise while playing game and she only does it in the weekend. Her name was Yava. We chatted for about 20 minutes. She was pretty interesting and I felt that we had a good connection. She is a brand manager, same age as me, and does yoga. My sufficient knowledge on yoga gave me enough banter and rambling to continue the set. In the end, I NB closed her. She even told that she will either save my number or as a second option, delete my number. I assumed that as a shit test and said,”Thats your wish,you can do anything you want.”

My next approach was a tourist. She told me she couldn’t speak proper english and walked away. After her, I NB closed a petite Dutch girl. She was on her way to the public toilet while holding a phone. She was playing pokemen go(May god save all of them). She was there for a week with her phone. It was last minute trip and they came to Vilnius as it was the cheapest flight they could find. We chatted for about 5-8 minutes. She showed some interest by asking me personal question and giving me long replies. After her, I made a small conversation with another girl, but the set ended prematurely as she was in a rush.

Couple of minutes after that, I managed to NB close a Swedish girl. She did not look Swedish at all I would say. We talked for a good 10 minutes. A strong set with lots of fun vibe and good comfort building. However, she will be leaving in 4 days to another city to work. I took her number in case I get lucky but I knew it will be difficult to see her again. I was feeling very good. This was a good day and I already managed to NB close 3 girls in less than 45 minutes, in a new city being a beginner. Next came what I would say, the one that took me to another level.

I spotted her taking pictures of a set of decoration items set up outside a wine bar at Pilius.g. I went up to her and said, “You are the first person taking pictures of these things, thats a bit different so I just have to come up to you and say hi, I guess you do something artistic in life.” She smiled at me and said,”Yes.” I came to know that she is Ukrainian, came to Vilnius just to get a long visa sanctioned. I started talking about myself to build more rapport. Bad news is that she is leaving to Italy tomorrow morning. Bad logistics. I then went for the kill, I asked to go for a quick drink together. She did not reject, but said that she wanted to visit the Gothic Church and after that she would be free. I knew about the church from the guy I meet through the forum but haven’t visited it myself yet. I acted as though I knew the city well. She had a map and I could recognize the street. We started walking towards the church but ended up asking a girl selling ice cream the direction as we went a bit off trail. We then reached the church, took some pictures. Then I suggested going for a coffee at Coffee Inn. She agreed.

I finally obtained my first instant date from daygame. I was overjoyed in the inside but kept my calm. We got ourselves some drinks and headed to the park just beside the cathedral for some fresh air. There I built more rapport to get to know her more. We chatted about our ambition, hobbies, sports, animals and many more things. I realized that 40 minutes passed by in a flash. She then asked me a question, “What would you have done if I had ignored you or rejected you when you approached me.” This question shaked me quite a bit. I said that I would have taken it lightly and moved on. Everyone has to face failure at one point in their life.

I saw signs of interest in her. Playing her necklace and touching her hair. She was a bit nervous. I was still talking more that her and my lack of experience prevented me from escalating her. I than playfully tickled her near her waist. She looked at me in a slightly weird way. She tickled me back and I jerked as I am an easy victim of rape tickles. I decided to take it a step further. I suggested beer and some food and started getting up from the bench without asking for her permission. It worked. We started walking and ended going to a Italian Restaurant. I had a pint of beer and she a glass of wine. I started talking about alcohol. I talked about my liking for whisky and beer, the different types of these beverages and other similar things. I also compared French and Italian culture in the way I know them as she will be visiting Italy soon.

My conscious said that she is interested and I should start escalating physically. I then touched her hand and said how soft it was but at the same time she is sweating. She started teasing me back sometimes, I maintained my frame and took it lightly. I tried some validation by asking back my name(my usual spiking method as I have very uncommon Indian name given to me,thanks to my dad who believes in astrology and numerology). She could not remember my name. I then said, “ I was falling in love with you, but now you break my heart. I will give you my second heart but I think you will break it again.”

I then took her hand, looked into her light colored grey eyes and said“My name is complicated because it was given to me based on my time and date of birth. It is a bit like palm reading. I will show it to you. This long line that goes near you wrist is your life line. Its long. Which means you will live quite long. Then you have this smaller line. It shows the number of children you will have. Oh my god!!! You gonna have at least 8 children. But thats is never going to happen. You know why?” She shook her head. “ Because we use protection when we have sex nowdays. And this line here. It tells that there is a guy in front of you and you like him.” She kept quite. I excused myself and went to the WC.

I came back and moved my chair nearer to her. Enabling me to touch and escalate her physically. I started talking normally for a couple of minutes. I don’t really remember what I said, but then I touched her knees cap lightly and did a small circle around it. Couple of minutes later I went up to her thighs and rested my palm on it. She was relaxed. No resistance and her facial expression remained the same. I sensed that my escalations are working. I then pulled myself closer and asked her to close her eyes. She resisted and said that she knew what I was going to do. I then removed my hand from her thighs and did some small talk. 5 minutes later I turned her face towards me and kissed her. I then paid the bill and we left the bar.

She was leaving the next morning 5 am to Italy. It was 9.00 pm when we left the bar. I knew I had to pull her back to my place. She resisted. I told I have some food at my place and we will grab something to eat, watch a movie and I will send her off. She said no. We started walking back to her hostel; I had two choices, go for the bang in the hostel or persuade her to take her things and return to my place to spend the night. We stopped at certain places on the way. I did some validation tests on her. At one point I accused her as being racist for some reason I don’t remember. She said that her ex-boyfriend was a dark skinned latino who had same skin tone as me. That disqualifies her as not racist. We walked even further, kissed a few more time and at one she started resisting me. I sensed it as shit test and just remained calm. We walked further she resisted my hand on her hips and ass. We were nearing her hostel, and there I lost it. I said that I would walk away,and that I don’t care what happens. I started walking. I turned slightly and saw her standing looking at me. I kept walking thinking she would come towards me. I was wrong. She went into the hostel and I never saw her again.

My main mistake was taking it for granted that she is into me and failing to get through LMR. Logistics played a part too, but I failed to get the lay because of my inexperience in these kind of situations. I then go myself another instant date with a Jewish Bulgarian girl a couple of days later. But she managed to beat me at my own game. She turned the conversation into logical bantering where she started leading the conversation. Talking about politics and religion did not help either. I touched her hand, but she pulled back immediately. It was one hour into the date. After finishing our drinks we walked on our own ways. I went out on Friday night to do my final night game session before leaving Vilnius, I managed to be friends with some cool Swiss guys. I had a strong eye contact with a local girl. She had this DTF sparkling eyes. But I had to leave early as I had a guy coming to check in together with me in my small studio. I was utterly disappointed. This however taught me a lot about logistics. Nevertheless, I finally got a taste of instant date and my game has reached another level despite the improvement I should and must still do.

Fun facts from these experiences:

  1. Get you own private place well located from your daygame/ nightgame spots

  2. Do not eject from set, take risk and maintain your frame during LMR, use some logical/ imaginary bantering based on the situation if needed.

  3. Lead the conversation

  4. No politics or religion during dates

  5. Escalate gradually and take action fast once you see the chance.

I left for Poland the next day where I volunteered for a week in a village. No game nor pick up here as there were no available targets. I then went to Bratislava for 6 days. Not the best place to go during summer, but I managed to get another instant date with a cute petite slovakian girl with whom I had a good time with. More on that in my next article.

Daygame in Kaunas : First FB close

Daygame in Kaunas : First FB close

I spent one week in Kaunas in mid July. A very bad time indeed as the city was rock dead. The students went back home and to the beaches, leaving the locals. I managed to do a couple of approaches each day, not more that 7-10 per day as there were very little single girls loitering around. Akropolis had probably the best traffic and most of my approaches came from there.

This also marked my first city of pick up since learning game seriously. I used to do most of my sets in French and being in Lithuania, language change is needed. A new environment and new people all messed with my brain. Not doing any daygame 3 days before leaving for my trip made things even worst. I took it slowly, I visited Akropolis shopping mall(based on Roosh’s guide in his forum). I did 3 approaches in about 90 minutes. I did miss out on at least another 8 girls as my anxiety increased. Nevertheless, 2 out of those 3 sets ended up being good sets being around 5 -7 minutes long. However, the girls were not investing enough hence there were no number or date closes.

My second day was not much different. But this time I daygamed in the old town, a zombie old town in my opinion. Very few single girls, I approached 2 girls on this day and did some conversation but got rejected. Not a very memorable day either as the weather was bad, but I did eat a nice chicken Lithuanian dish.. I took a break the next day and decided to refill my battery for the day after. To my amazement, I realised that my AA has lowered tremendously, for an unknown reason. I did 8 approaches, where 2 of them were at least a 10 minutes conversation, another 3 sets a basic 5 minutes talk. I pried on instant date and hopefully a same day lay as I was leaving town in 2 days. A number close will lead to nothing as there would not be enough time to meet them again. I went hope home as happy as a little girl with a lollipop in her hand knowing that I had made vast improvements.

My second last day in Kaunas, I was still hoping for at least an instant date. And guess what, I got one. Probably an awkward one, but I would still consider it as an instant date. It was my second set of the day(first one being a warm up by asking directions). I spotted a cute tall girl sitting on the bench near the bus ticket counter eating ice cream. I opened her with telling “ I love your all black costume, it looks mysterious and the same time quite feminine, but seeing you eating ice cream, reminds me of a small girl eating ice cream while waiting for her dad to pick her up”. She said that it was a compliment as many people say that she is too tall. She was quite tall. At least my height(180 cm), but I could not tell precisely as she was seated. In reply I said, I am quite tall myself and tall people don’t scare me.

I did some fun playful vibing after my opener (not sure what I said). She started asking me questions after questions which I replied calmly. I gave longer answer to her question to get her talking too. But she ended asking me a question at the end of each of her rambling. At one point she asked me whether I have a girlfriend, I replied,”No, why are you asking so much. Do you want to marry me.” She laughed. I sensed that she was a yes girl and this might just work out. To my dismay, she is actually waiting for her bus and will leave in 30 minutes. Hence, no lay nor venue changing in this one. But I wanted to see how far this would go, as I never had a girl show this much interest in me. I then changed the conversation rhythm. I decided to get to know more about her.

I came to know that she has just finished high school(for some reason, many Lithuanians finish school at 19 years old). She told me more about her, her ambition and where she is going to study after this. I suddenly got hungry, hence I ran to an hotdog stall just 5 meters away and got me something to bite on. I saw her smiling at me. I asked the reason for the laugh once I returned to the bench. She replied, “ You looked like you were really hungry.” We talked even more. She that she wants to study psychology to dig deep into peoples brain and secrets. She even talked to me about her dream to build a house, get married and live with her husband and children. I then said that, “I can be your husband, but I will be a very bad and abusive one.” I changed the topic and said, “I think I have a better idea. We will get ourselves a big boat. Go on a trip to the middle of Pacific Ocean. Hit the shores of an isolated island where there are just me and you, some wild exotic animals, a beach and some plants. There we will set up a tent, bath in the sea, take sunbaths, cook food and at night make love together.” She looked at me and said that she likes my idea.

I then decided to do some verbal escalation to see her reaction. I said, “I like your lips. You don’t use make -up.” In return, “ I was working as a cleaner(summer job), I sweat a lot. So I don’t use make-up now.” I then did some push and pull. Showing interest at one point and then teasing her. She was receptive and said that I am someone interesting. If this had not been for her bus, I would have gotten at least a proper instant date for the first time. Nevertheless, time was up and she had to board her bus. I then decided to go for the number( just in case I visit Lithuania back one day). She then retaliated and said that she would prefer my facebook. Not really caring about the end product as I will leave the next day, I gave her my facebook. I did not think for a moment that she would add me as. To my surprise, I received a request from her the next day. My first FB close I would say.

Despite not leading anywhere, I managed to hold solid conversation with proper vibe and basically no anxiety at all. I did one more set after that with another girl. The set was going well, but the girl did not have much things to say or she was just too shy. I ejected from the set after nearly 10 minutes. I was really astonished at my improvements. I promised that I would carry this positive mindset and feeling to Vilnius. And what happened in Vilnius was another story all together to be told in my next post.

When she said, ” Don’t you want me”

Three weeks in Toulouse, I did about 8-10 sessions of daygames, about 3 hours each. I spent the first few sessions, getting into the heat of the town, visiting the city, and a moderate amounts of approaches. I didn’t get far in these approaches, but my second week here resulted in around 5 numbers. All flaked, but I stopped whining as I expect them to flake anyway. Nevertheless, it was not until last week Wednesday where I missed a glaring chance which gave a sense of humiliation.

My first 6 approaches of the day went nowhere, a couple of warm of set and blatant rejections followed. I was out for about one hour already. I then decided to do eagle game as explained in the Return of the Kings. I sat down on a round stone beach placed along Rue Alsace Loraine in Toulouse. I could see my targets walking by as I spot the one I would engage in. I saw a petite girl wearing a white dress with some small babyish design on it. She passed by me, I stood up but the weasel started to creep into my brain. She was about to enter a shop, I then hesitated. I thought that I have blown it, she then stopped just outside and started window shopping. I stopped the bullshits in my brain and engaged her with a compliment + tease opener as explained by Nick Krauser. The only different thing is, that I did it in French as I sensed that she was a French girl.

“Excuse me, I was sitting over there. You walked by me. Its a bit weird, but I like your dress. It gives this feminine and happy energy. At the same time, I saw you peeking through the window, it seems as though you were looking to steal something from the shop like a little thief.” She giggled, I saw her eyes shine and glitter. She replied, “ Yeah, I was looking through the window, but I ain’t a thief.” in a fun flirty way. I continued vibing, mixing up with what I do for living with some fun imaginative story about going on vacation to Antartica, building an igloo, and living with the penguins. I then asked about her city of origin, she said she is from another city further north. I made fun of her pale skin and her girlish looks. She said that she got tanned a bit this summer and she is 21 years old. Once, in a night club a guy made fun of her age telling that she looked like a 15 years old. She got angry and went back home. I changed the topic telling that she doesn’t look 15 and more like 18 or 19 years old, not immature but not old enough to know the world.

I then came to know that she is working in a dental clinic as a secretary in Toulouse and will be going back to her home town for a month. She just finished shopping and was going back home. I continued the set with more comfort building, I talked about my travels, music ,animals and love for movies. She likes Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, which is quite uncommon among French girls. I explained a bit about my country of origin and my indian culture. I did some spiking, teasing and qualification test. She told me she can’t cook. I was not half impressed. There were lots of push and pull. In the other hand, she did load of shit test. When I said that I would love to travel to South Africa one day, she shot back, “ I know, its because the girls there are hot.” I maintained my frame and said, “ I am a straight guy, its normal.” She even shit tested me if I was telling my real name, I explained the reasons behind my complex unheard name.

The set was going on for 20 minutes, then I said that I practiced Tae-Kwon-Do and all girls should learn some form of martial arts to protect themselves. I then started a role play, “ I am the so called brown James Bond. I am going on a mission to Russia to kill the mafias. There, by accident I will meet you, we will go on an adventure to kill the bad people. I will teach you how to fight, we kill the mafias, take their money then make sweet sweet love.” She replied playfully while coming near me, “No, we aren’t gonna make love.” I remained indifferent but I saw the green signal in her deep blue eyes. The set was dying and I was running out things to say, she was going back home anyway. Hence, green light for instant date.

I then said, “ I am waiting for a friend in 20 minutes, I am gonna grab a coffee, let’s go together. She resisted playfully. I continued talking and asked again, but to no avail. I then decided to go for the number,but failed miserably. She suddenly asked me from no man’s land, “ Don’t you want me.” I was confused and at the same time mesmerized. That was the first time any girl asked me something like that. I thought it was another shit test. I played coy telling there are plenty of fish in the ocean and sometimes you can find prawns, crabs and squids too. She laughed. Not knowing what to say next. I said good bye and ejected from the set. I saw her walking by looking down on the pavement.

I did a few more approaches after that, most of it ended in a couple of minutes, mostly by me. Energy sapped and feeling tired, I returned back home and reflected back on my session and realized how big of an idiot I was. I waisted a big opportunity today, all went well until the weasel interfered with my head. I should have done some physical escalation, I barely touched her during the set. A small touch on the hand or the waist could have done wonders. I am not shy about touching, but being a daygame beginner these does not come to my thoughts during the set.

This has served me as a big lessons, daygame as a beginner is about taking the opportunity once you have acquired it. I promised to myself never to let it slip by me again in the same way.

I did a few more days of approaching in Toulouse after that, but combination of bad weather and people leaving the city for summer holidays did not yield much results. Meanwhile, I am sitting on my friend’s couch in his apartment enjoying my last day in Toulouse, writing this article sipping some whisky. I will be leaving on a Eastern European journey traveling across 5 countries. Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia,Serbia and Bulgaria. My journey continues!!