Belgrade Misadventures Final Part :Meeting Jimmy Jambone

Jimmy Jambone was in the neighborhood!!! I was elated. I came to know upon him while I was deeply swallowing Krauser’s Balls Deep. Jimmy was a close friend of Krauser and still is. In fact he was the one who taught Krauser during Krauser’s initial days in RSG(Rock Solid Games). I was interested in reviving the 3Bromigos blog which has now gone dead. He was interested in meeting me.

I took a break the next day, I woke up late and a had late morning breakfast. Fried egg and some salad with pepper which I made in the small unconventional kitchen in the apartment. I took some time to reflect on my life of the past 6 months. Being exposed more to game, reprogramming my mind with red pill issues, quitting my post as a doctorate, and my travels for the past 3 months or so. A year ago, I never thought that I will be doing all these. Understanding that the world outside is harsh and unforgiving, I was somehow mind fucked and at the same time pleased. Discovering and turning each layers off obstacles is a feeling I have started to embrace. As once and still said, a woman simply is, a man must become.

I went out to the park near the fortress to continue my affair with The Great Gatsby. I had a lady saying to me, “ Nice book you got there”. I said to myself, “ Of course, she is a lady”. Being rested, I was motivated enough for sarging the next day.. As usual, I had a large number of blowouts, and a few good set. My final set ended up in me NB closing a hot 18 years old Serbian. At the end of the set, it came upon me how much I was just looking at her talking and expressing herself. She was filling the gaps herself. I saw lots of investment and interest from her. I was overjoyed but the next day she blocked me in Watsapp. I wonder what could have gone wrong. The day after was a common affair. A normal day in the office I would say, couple of blowouts, and a few simple conversation. Nothing memorable.

That night I got a reply from Jimmy. We decided to meet up for breakfast. I was excited but was trying to think of some inputs for the blog(3 Bromigos)which I merely found. I then reached the point of rendez vous about 5 minutes early. Taking a seat at one of the tables outside, I waited eagerly for the man. I recognized him from one of his pictures in the blog. 10 minutes later, I saw the tall, a bit skinny figure but with a breezy sunglasses coming towards me. There he was. We shook hands. He was a pleasant guy. We chatted about his experience in game and life. We even spoke about John Bodi and Nick Krauser. How they meet and the things they are doing in life. It was a casual meeting, we became friends there.

Jimmy also suggested to me a city where there is no virus infection from the streams of PUA unlike Belgrade. For confidential reason and to prevent any PUA cock fest, I would not disclose this city. We were both leaving Belgrade to different destinations the next night and decided to meet up. I did not do any sets since then in Belgrade. The two days break will do lots of good to get rid of the fatigue accumulated since the past few days. We meet again the next night and walked while pulling our large suitcases through the dirty roads of Belgrade towards the train station. While sipping beer, I suggested some ideas for the blog. I was interested in writing reviews on books and travel advices. Jimmy liked the idea and promised me that he will put me in contact with Bojangles, another brown brother who is currently shagging hot Polish chicks. Jimmy too suggested me to start recording my sets with a cheap cam. It would make me realize the small mistakes I make. I suppose I will be getting one once I return back to France.

His train departed before mine and we shook hands but surely not for the last time. My guts told me that we would meet again. I sat back on my chair, sliding trough the pages of the unfinished yet utterly romantic novel I talked about. 15 days in Belgrade comes to an end. A mishap or a pleasant trip, I don’t know. Misadventures are part of life, it teaches you and feeds you with diligent amount of knowledge that should be cherished. I had my ups and downs in this city, whether I would return here or not is a question I would need to ask myself. Well it’s Belgrade.

Tips from Jimmy:

  1. Talk slow with a clear voice. Grab her attention with you voice.

  2. Let her talk when she wants too. Look at her and let her fill the silence when needed.

  3. Record your sets and analyses the micro mistakes you make.

  4. Day gaming is hard, its not a temporary choice, but a life long journey.

[The end]

Belgrade Misadventures Part 4 : Its all about the day

I faced series of blowouts in the next two days, cold depressing blowouts that went nowhere. I had a girl telling me about a guy approaching her earlier, I smiled and sent her on her way. This was one of those days where nothing goes right and each set just plummets your energy further down. I had a homeless guy who threw a big trout fish at me for no fucking reason. A bad day at the office indeed.

The next day was no different hence my decision to try the indirect game. Zero percent success. I was feeling down, energy sapped and my inner game was messed up. Indirect game was just not my niche. I tried it before and it just felt weird. It was like waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth with a toilet cleaning detergent instead of a toothpaste. Reading Krauser’s blog, the truth came upon me. Direct game is about inner game. Being yourself and expressing yourself in your own damn way without any remorse for the consequences of your actions. It made lots of sense. I felt myself doing a direct game.

I enjoyed the vibe when a girl accepts my approach and learned the harsh truth when I get scummed off. Direct game shows you the reality of the world. It creates a sense of awareness that will give you a subtle mind fuck. Sometimes good the other times bad. Accepting the truth is hard. It can burn your heart and mind to a level where your ego just crumbles down into ashes. I decided to accept the fact and not give up. Each failure makes you a better person. There is always another day to look forward.

Despite my failure infield, two of my NB close were responding to my text. Only problem is getting them out on dates. Both were busy, one working part time another one busy studying for exams. Angela was the most responsive as seen below. The fun was there but she was playing aloof and I could not get an enthusiastic yes from her. I decided to wait 2 more days to see the end results. I set out again the day after. A better day indeed. I had an instant date with two girls this time. Two Montenegrin sisters. I approached the younger one in a bookstore, the set went well, she hooked from the beginning and invited me to hang out with her sister. I decided to give it a go. I was sweating once I reached the restaurant.

They were having lunch while I took a chair and sat at the corner of the table. I ordered myself a beetroot juice which ended up tasting like a bad cocktail. I was feeling pressured. Two cute girls eating and talking in their native language, while I was sitting wondering about the dish served in front of them. I used it as a conversation opener, something I learned from Roosh’s book called ‘elderly opener’. “ Is that food good”. From there we started talking about different food, culture and language. I got to know more about both of them. They were both leaving that evening to their home town. So I decided not to plow through the set.

I finished my drink and I ejected. It was mainly because of pure pressure. But I was proud of myself of having under gone the experience. I was also happy of pulling out of my comfort zone and trying something new, the beetroot juice.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I did a good set with an English girl but did not NB close her as she was leaving the town in a few days. I went back to my room, opened my laptop and checked my mail. There I got a reply for a mail I sent previously, to the Legendary Jimmy Jambone………

[to be continued]

My Belgrade Misadventures Part 3:The ups and a few downs

My throat was still sore with a slight hunch of fever looming. I took a day off the streets to give my body a rest. Feeling better the next day, I decided to go back to mall were I felt much more comfortable. Before that, I did some warm up sets at the classical, PUA infested Knez Mihailova. My 2nd set there ended up in a number close. A cute average looking Serbian girl from a smaller town studying Norweigian language in Belgrade. She was kinda nervous but chatty around me. I sensed a good investment. She was not entirely my type, so I did not go for the idate. I approached a few more girls but all ended in blowouts

I then took the bus to the mall. My first set there was a beautiful but a bit chubby Serbian girl called Angela. She was receptive from the start. She was one of those rare Serbian’s who wants to leave the country and settle somewhere else. The set was going good but she was waiting for a friend. They are supposed to work at the Biere Festival nearby. I NB closed her. I face couple of blowouts and a few good sets. I had one girl who was resisting the interaction, I plowed on but could not break her barriers. The set ended, she left and I moved on.I then NB closed a Spanish girl on holidays in Serbia. She is an amateur tennis player cum business student in the USA. Her name is Ana just like the famous Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic. She was leaving after the weekend, so hopes of getting her out on a date is pretty low. I did a few more sets which went no where. It was a productive day, I had a good ego boost and went back to my room singing, smiling looking forward to the next day.

The sun came back up. I hustled the street late noon prying on my next targets. I did a warm up set at the student park. The next set after that, ended in a instant date with a Danish tourist. A 21 year old girl looking forward to studying medicine. She was hooked immediately and I proposed a drink together. She wanted to eat but I only needed a drink. We walked up to Terazije and sat at a table at a lounge bar along the street. We chatted along our walk and I sensed a good calm vibe unfolding around us. A bubble that only the girl and you are immersed in and nothing else counts. The bubble however is not an invincible one. One that has the tendency to stay strong and get stronger only if the right ingredients are added. The ingredients added depends solely or mostly on the hands of the cook. In this case the cook is me.

We sat down and made the orders. The cook’s work is to find the right balance of ingredients in term of quantity and disparity which will further enhance the bubble positively. In this case, the cook added too much of spices and the bubble started to explode in a awry wrong direction. It messed up the taste of the bubble and once the bubble exploded, there is rarely a way back. I took granted of the girls interest and started playing aloof. I teased too much and failed to further build proper rapport. I failed to engage the girl emotionally and I triggered her red senses. There were too much off teasing and wrong vibing. After her meal, the went to the toilets. She came back telling her friend has invited her to the beach and she has to leave. We settled the bills and she left me there. All alone wondering where it went. I then realized that I was putting soo much pressure on getting my first lay that I lost control of my game entirely.

I moved on, continued walking along the long street towards Slavia Square. I did a few more sets which ended in blowouts. My next set ended up in another idate. 2 instant dates in a day. Bingoooooo!!! This one was a tall Serbian girl. A waitress and a gym freak. Don’t worry she is not the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. She was lean and good looking. She was on her way for a coffee and I decided to hop in with her in a nearby coffee shop. We talked about workouts, coffee and drinks. She was very talkative. She even had a long chat about coffee with the waiter and got a 2nd one as she was not satisfied with her first coffee. Then things started pouring out about refugees and migrants. She had stereotypes in her mind. I needed not too care more. I continued to talk and at one point I tried escalating her. She said what would people say if they see a black guy touching me. I said I am brown not black. I looked around for a while, played uninterested. A few seconds later, I left. My ego was hurt a bit but after the incident with the Dutch girl I knew pick up is hard if your are black, Asian or Indian. I did 2 more sets that day which did not go anywhere. Anyhow I was overjoyed at my capability of getting instant dates. 6 so far in the past 1 month. The lay is not far away.

Or maybe I am just putting too much pressure on myself to get laid………

[to be continued]

My Belgrade Misadventures Part 2:(Meeting other Day gamers)

I took a day off to get my mind straight. I decided to hit the streets back on Monday(my 3rd day in Belgrade). It started with 3 blowouts at least. I was getting more blatant rejections here. The girls were not even stopping. I had doubts on my stopping techniques. Or maybe it was just the girls. I was still feeling the shackles from my previous Idate failure with Ana(Dutch-Swiss girl). I encouraged myself and got my myself some sticking point.

  1. Not everyone is like her.

  2. Everyone is racist to a certain level. Plow through it.

  3. Approach more as it is harder for you here.

I continued my walk not far away from Terazijé. There I spotted a tall,slurry girl wearing a long dress walking calmly. I stopped her. Came to know that she is a Serbian studying in France. I chatted with her a bit in French then switched back to English. The conversation went on for about 5 minutes. I came to know that she had a boyfriend. I did not push for the NB as I was happy to finally breaking the failure streak. I walked back to Republic Square, towards the same Knez Mihailova. There I saw a guy talking to a lady, getting her NB. His body language, style and vibe shouted day gamer. I went forward and asked him about it. His name was Paul. Paul told me to follow him and couple of seconds later, he introduced me to another 4 local day gamers. Two of them went of chasing a set of two girls and I never saw them again. Another guy disappeared couple of minutes later.

Paul,Michael and me sticked together. I opened a young girl, she was smiling and talked for a while. She did not hook,so I ejected a few minutes into the set. I saw Paul doing a few sets, but even he had lots of trouble getting the girls to hook. I found out from Michael that they have a big PUA lair here. With all of this guys approaching, plus the bootcamps and tourist in the city the girls have constructed a big bitch shield even during the day. Michael told me about the other daygame spots, USCE shopping mall, the man made beach and Student Park. I did two more sets that day. One was a tall brunette who nearly hooked but she kept on ejecting and I gave in at the end. The last one was a 16 years old girl. She hooked and talked for about 8 minutes until she said she was waiting for boyfriend. I sensed that she was telling the truth and left. Couple of minutes later I crossed by her with her boyfriend.

I went back home feeling a lot better. Meeting the new guys and couple of good sets pumped back my energy. I decided to change venue the next day, so I hit up the shopping mall called USCE. I was 10 minutes bus ride from the city. The mall was not that big but had sufficient flow of girls. I had like 5 blowouts,a few good sets but managed to number close 1 girl. She was a doing a Phd and teaching at the university at the same time. I managed to connect well with her. She was hooked after 4 minutes of my bantering. But the spark in the interaction started dying down towards the end. I suggested for an idate. She refused saying that she needs to do shopping and meet her friends. I took her number in the end.

I did couple more sets which did not go anywhere. Nevertheless, I was feeling sick. My throat was itchy and burning, while I was feeling a slight fever. I went back home that day feeling happy as I had a big boost for my inner game but my body was giving way to the sickness…..

[to be continued]

My Belgrade Misadventures Part 1 :Inner game meltdown

A taxing 12 hours train journey from Bratislava took me to Belgrade. Taxi to the hostel cost me just 800 Serbian Dinars which was around 7 euros. The plan is to stay in hostel for two days then to move in to Airbnb for the rest of the trip to save some money and to get the logistics right. The hostel was situated at a road perpendicular to Skadarija street. The most elegant street in Belgrade. Beautifully decorated restaurants, happy tourists and local enjoying their day out with their family. I reached my hostel at night,took a shower and dined at one of those classy restaurants nearby. I slept with day game eagerness for the next day.

I went out in the morning walked around Knez Mihailova all the way towards Kalamegdan Fortress. I had a what I call “ New dog in town feeling(NDITF)”. Its a kind of approach anxiety where the player knows that he does not belong to the environment and is trying to get used to it. New people, new streets and new language could all increase AA. To get rid of it,I decided to do one warm set. I spotted a girl walking along Knez Mihailova with a happy grin drawn all over her face. I opened her using the very same reason. She replied in a friendly warm manner. She was tourist from France. I switched to French and we managed to connect easily. She was leaving the next day, I got her number. She said she will be waiting for my message. It was a pretty quick set and my guts told me she will flack(which she did). However, I was glad to have taken the first step in Belgrade and it ended in a NB close.

I munched in some pizza on my way back to my hostel. I took a nap and continued reading the new novel I bought, “ The Great Gatsby”. I took a shower after that, and went out for day gaming late evening. The weasel crept back in my head, I still had NDITF, but decided to fight it. I did a small warm up. What came after that were 4 brutal blowouts. They won’t even stop for me. They just pass by me once I utter “ Excuse me, I hope you speak English”. I was a bit devastated but kept going and finally managed to get one set done. The girl was in rush but I managed to talk with her for a few minutes. The set did not go anywhere and I did not NB close her.

I decided to get something to eat and walked back up to Skardrija street to try a new restaurant. I ordered something which I vaguely remember and just after that a girl sitting at a corner table asked me if I asked the guy for the wifi password. I said no, I ordered food. I started talking and I sensed an unbaked cake in the making. I decided to start baking it. I switched table. Sitting in front of her, the conversation flowed smoothly. I was now having my 4th instant date ever. Her name was Ana, a Dutch-Swiss girl visiting Belgrade just for 3 days. She was sitting sipping beer while I ate my piece of chicken breast with salad. She nicked the my French fries. I took that as a symbol of comfort. We talked , I did some of my routine stories and jokes which works most of the time.

She was also the first girl who asked me to smile when I say something funny. I said if you smile too much it means you are crazy. She said it also means you are stupid. She was older than me. I didn’t care. My inner game was still solid there. After couple of instant date, I was feeling comfortable. My hostel was just at the corner, she is not leaving immediately, comfort and rapport were already built after one hour. After finishing my dish, I suggested us to go to a bar just couple of meters down the street. She compiled. In the bar, we were sitting in a U shaped couch. There I sat close to her, my leg touching hers. I heard“Why are you sitting so close”, with a slight smile from her.

I moved away. We kept talking for a while about the painting on the wall. I decided to move the subject of the conversation. There was a drink called “Sex with the bartender”. I suggested it to her. She said she would. I said the lady will lick you all over(we had two bartenders, an old lady and a guy). She replied, “ I meant the guy”. Despite her playfulness I sensed something wrong.  She was playing with her drink and thinking about something deeply. Then the shit came out.

I was harassed when I was in Sri Lanka. You touching me reminds me of that. If a white guy touches me I won’t feel that way.”

Sometimes the egg falls hard and breaks even Newton would not be able to explain the force that came with it. I did not have a proper answer to this. I was indifferent and made a poker face. She was still acting nervous. I saw signs of sexual interest but a subtle hesitation. I escalated nevertheless,sweeping her hair with my finger; She smiled coyly. We then decided to leave. I paid the bill. She wanted to see my hostel. We walked towards the hostel holding hands. Her grip was tight. I lead her towards the door. At the reception she checked whether there was any room available for the next day. I walked her back, got her number and went for the kiss. She resisted playfully and walked off. I was confused, amazed and at the same time curious.

I took a beer from the hostel fridge and went up to my room. Awkward moments I thought. I replayed the scene in my mind. I had hidden racism from a girl. She followed me all the way in the interaction. Despite the racism she came all the way to my hostel holding my hand. In the end, I was alone in my room with a can of dark beer. I realized that my end game was horrible. I lost my frame once she expressed her feeling outs. This was a well educated girl living in Western Europe. She said a white guy touching her will be okay, just because she was harassed by a dark skin guy before. It was like saying that everybody born poor will end up dying poor, that every dark guy is a bad guy. It hit hard on my inner game. After some good improvements in Lithuania and Slovakia, I was left with a slight meltdown. The timing could not have been better, it was my first day in Belgrade.

I woke up the next day, still with a slight sting in my brain from yesterdays incident. I messaged the girl in the afternoon. She flacked. My self believe took a deeper fall. I knew at that moment that I should have seized the opportunity. Pushing the set as far as you can. I did not approach that day. I was trying to digest the racism I felt. I heard people saying that looks does not matter. But in pick up it does. Your origin does. My self believe was shattered. Reality was showed to me………

[To be continued]