11 Lessons from The Stranger by Albert Camus

Just an old fiction I randomly came upon when searching for Red Pill fiction in the forum:

Written back during the 1940s, The Stranger is a pure red pill flick. It revolves around the life of a man from the day of his mothers’ death till the last days of his short life. Told from a first – person point of view, here are the valuable lessons I learned from this novel:

1) Dead is natural.

2) Live your life for yourself in every aspect, your priorities comes first. Nobody cares about others problems.

3) A man is another man’s best friend.

4) Set limits with a woman before she deprives you of your earnings.

5) Hate and love trigger the same emotions.

6) Place rational thinking ahead of instinctive thoughts or blind faith.

7) Man’s biggest punishment is the deprivation of his liberty.

8) Blind honesty is not rewarded. Learn the art of acting.

9) Love is a manipulative emotion.

10) Live your life in a way that you will remember it in the afterlife.

11) Death is freedom in starting a new life

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