Text Chronicles 1

In my humble opinion, my text game suck. I have lost some pretty good lead resulting from my abhorrent texting methods. I have decided to scrutinize one of my leads that buckled up during my “Deadline Days” in France.

A  blonde Frenchie with light hazel eyes whom I number closed in Lyon. A dream come true for every fucking Indian immigrant out there, yes even me. She was a HB 7 for me, maybe 6 for the extravagant Master PUA’s. She was wearing a flashy green cardigan, standing out from the dull routinised snobs. I used it as a conversation starter, complimenting it. Usual rapport building, some tease, compliance while always trying to connect emotionally. The latter, still a word disguised by stormy clouds in my brain, the notion complicated.

I sensed a fish in the net but still capable of wriggling its way out. So, I pinged her the same day, a few hours after the initial approach.

Me : This reminds me of your green blouse. You still wearing it ;).I reused a context from my initial approach by sending her a picture of a green colored washing detergent.

Her : Haha! Now you are seeing it everywhere. Normal ^-^. She replied me within 10 minutes. She played along. A good sign

Me : But it’s not normal to give a stranger your phone number just 20 minutes after talking to him. Are you always that nice with people? I decided to change the mood and challenge her. Ended with typical LDM text opener.

Her : Only with the nice ones. That doesn’t mean that I am not careful. We can sense it.

Sign of compliance. I am on the right track

Me : I don’t know why, but I feel good today;). It’s probably the magic tea that I drank just now. I decided to tune up the mood. I stirred it up a bit in a fun flirty way.

Me : Are you still alive?( 1 hour after the last message). A bad move. But she was leaving town for a week in 2 days while I will be leaving France before she returns. I decided to go all out.

Her : Sorry, I am studying at the same time. Magic tea? Signs of interest but her mind is occupied somewhere else.

Me : I drank it before talking to you, but it’s hard to swallow. I’m not sure if you are capable of drinking it. Rebuilding momentum

Her : But there is something inside?Her text becoming shorter and less vibrant. I’m losing out

Me : Yes! We add some love potion inside. Olalala. I’ll have to be careful then. I decided to spike it up back. I put the blame on her.

Her : Hahaha. Spike backfired or she simply is too busy(my ego blaming her homework)

Me : We will see if you can resist it. Tomorrow evening we will try it. Last throw of the dice for the night. I landed on side 1 of the dice.

She replied the next day,

Her : Sorry, I was studying till late night yesterday, could not text back. She reinitiated. My ego was right. She was just too busy or maybe she decided to give me another chance.

Me : Cool, I’ m at Burger King now with my friends. Can’t find anything green here. Not too bad to start back.

Her : Hahaha.

Me : So yeah, see you later at 6 pm. Place Bellecour. For the obvious reasons. I knew the chances were slim

No reply from her side.

After 2 weeks, I texted her back just to test Krauser’s repinging text examples.

Me : A dog started following be on my way back. Weird……

Her : Live long abandon dogs 😉 It worked

Time was not on my side, hence the peculiar need to push for the date the next day itself. The girl was a high yes girl. Reply rates within 10 minutes for all the replies, playing along my lines, and even retexting me the next day. It was mine to lose or gain. Left or right, cat or dog , rain or sunshine, circumstances were against me. I did not see this turning around the other way.

A few bits :

  1. The girls interest should not be taken for granted. I should have built more comfort over the text rather than doing the twat game.

  2. I started well but lost out towards the end.

  3. I threw the dice at the low point of the interaction. Bad move.

  4. The extraction looked forced upon. Never natural enough.

  5. She pinged me back the next day, even apologizing. I guess I didn’t do that bad.

  6. The ping back** after 2 weeks worked, but I was such an idiot not to follow it up just until a few days ago. If she replies, long game beckons.

Text games are another beast. I had similar text experience with another girl that ended no where but lesson llearned. I am currently long gaming “The Beannie Girl” who is slowly starting to fade off **(she is a difficult one for my level of game) and another Malaysian girl I NBC during my first day game session at KL a few weeks ago. She is actually a friend of a friend whom I haven’t meet in 4 years. Well, the street is a mysterious dark lane, and I somehow crossed path with her. She is a HB6 but would qualify as a HB7 for those who are into dusky Arabic looking girls. The connection looks good but she currently works in another state preventing any chance of a date. She seemed fun and naughty but also emotionally vulnerable. Failure or success, this will be interesting.

* The French girl is due. The reply never came.

**Beanie girl is still on. Long game lightens up again.

One thought on “Text Chronicles 1”

  1. its seems a bit try hard to me generally … also double texting (one text sent after another) is clearly needy and shouldn’t be done unless there is a very good reason.

    on the French girl specifically, maybe she had no intention of actually going on a date with you, you asked her twice and she evaded it twice giving you a signal she’s just not interested. she maybe replying to other texts out of politeness or just out of loneliness.

    bottom line which even your pua gurus will tell you is that text game is irrelevant if a girl is into you. she will want to go out with you and meet you. there is no need to try and manoeuvre her onto a date.


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