The delayed October Sarging : 3rd and 4th week

Yay, yay, yay. I am no more in France. Yup, my visa expired, couldn’t get myself a job there. Don’t want to end up being an illegal immigrant. I took myself back to where I started my life as a toddler. Now, I am writing this wonderfully delayed article sitting on a bed covered with a pink Donald Duck bed sheet in my cousin’s house in South East Asia. No, I haven’t turned gay, so no worries. This article should have been written a long time ago, but I ain’t a machine. Haven’t had any chance or time to game here in Malaysia either. Bad logistics amplifying the mess even further. Living with my mom for the first week in a petty town, and now with my relatives. I finally found a job here at least. Just starting off, settling in a new place, and haven’t approached any hot chick since I left la France. Nah, I will never miss those stinky cheese, those half snobby French lasses, and most of all the ever grungy streets of France which is always covered by those stinky unpicked dog shits. But of course, I will regret missing out on French pussies. Damn, I hope I had learned game earlier in my life.

Nevertheless, my last 2 weeks in France was a hectic one, but memorable. Party, friends, sickness, cold weather, daygame meltdowns, but boosted by some vast improvements after some discussion and analysis of my game. So here we go, October sarging 3rd and 4th week. Well, 3rd week, one word, disastrous. I had 1 bloody fucking number close, and guess what, the girl gave me some fake number. I was having immediate blowouts, streaks, and streaks of those. I was mind fucked. 18 sets and one lame number close. This was worst than my meltdown in Belgrade. I was left feeling empty and disgusted by the brain frying nonsense given to me by my beloved French booties. I spit out my problem in RooshV forum. Well, four problems were identified. First one, style. Check out my previous post on that one. It saved me at least 50 approaches.

The rest. empathy, compliance and the most valuable asset in life, emotional connection. I learned these the hard way. To enter the wet hole, you have to enter her mind and heart. Not as easy as it is said. Every woman is different and is triggered in a different way. Sometimes there is no way around it. Let’s save it for later. I don’t even know if I understood what it means. Well, let’s get back to 4th week of sarging. Don’t be surprised, well experience daygamers won’t be, but I ain’t gonna lie.

4th Week Summary

22 sets


1 Instant date(girl who wears a beanie as a hijab during winter, I laughed out at that)

No lays as usual.

3 out of those 7 NBC closes were high yes girls, including the girl from the instant date. Another 2 flaked (one of them a Thai girl)after the first two text exchanges. The rest flaked belly fully. But yeah, it was mine too lose. The 3 ladies were into me, replying me within 10 minutes, but my text game sucks big time. It was my last week in France, I pushed for the dates as fast as I could rather than building some comfort over the text. Boom!! These are worth some meta-analysis. The best example would be when I ended beta sizing the Thai girl by complimenting her from a position of disinterest. I got a “Thank You” as reply, the last thing I would want to hear from a girl.

Daygame is a better medicine


The instant date. A tasteful experience with an Italian born Moroccan girl while sipping some English tea. I had 1 NBC from a tall French girl(HB8) just before, she was enthusiastic about going for a drink. She ended up in my flake list later on, never replying to my text. Vibe pumped up, I was singing some grungy Indian song, whistling while cat-walking down Rue Republique in the heart of Lyon. I saw this Morrocan turning her head,walking, looking, looking into the coffee shop. Nah, it was Haagen Dass, ice cream shop. Yes, ice cream. Ohh, I hate ice-creams! I opened her. She was dressed like a clown,colourful from top to bottom, different colours. After 10 minutes, we were sitting inside Haagen Daas. No ice creams, we drank tea. Hot English tea heating up our bodies during a cold french autumn. Without makeup, she was HB 6.5 at least.

Close enough look alike


I decided to call this girl, “The beanie girl”. She wears beanies during the cold winter as an equivalent to a hijab during summer. My body stayed still, my mind fidgeting. I finally had an I-date, and it ended up with a K-selected religious girl. I heard of those nasty horny Arabic sluts who hide themselves in veils but this one was an exception. She doesn’t drink. Never goes out late at night. A traditional girl that I won’t mind dating in a long term, except for the Muslim part. Bad timing, I was looking for a quick fun R-selected pussy. I decided to keep the date short. 10 minutes into the date, I sensed that she isn’t that girl that responds to asshole game, witty dry jokes or creative story telling. She is intellectually and emotionally triggered. A pure K-selected girl. I realized a few days later, intellectual discussion doesn’t not make a pussy wet, but the man’s ability to converse in-depth on specific topics and hold the girl’s attention gives the adverse effects. It conveys power and confidence which are vital tools in seduction. A powerful tool, but only if slight attraction has already established and this girl was surely attracted to me.

I bantered about science and physics, relating it with life, chaos theory, destruction, karma, and rebirth. Chaining it with certain movies that I watched evoking these theories. I avoided talking about religion to avoid offending her. In the end, she was a 19 year old teenager arriving in a new country far away from her friend. The next 20 minutes were spent on her talking about her life, me guiding her all the way. Next step, verbal kino!!!

Looking into her dark brown eyes, with a slow deep voice, I uttered, “You have nice lips”.

“What was that”, I heard the voice from the Arabic babble sitting in front of me.

I repeated, “I said, you have nice lips”.

The next second, she was asking me about my girlfriend, which I never had. This girl was game. I decided to tease her, just to test for some compliance.

“You know, I think….. you are funny, talkative, a bit smart, but most of all absolutely crazy.”

She,giggling and talking, looking at me, then her eyes gazing over her cup of tea, “Yes, I am”.

A few seconds later, I came to know that logistics were not on my side. She was living with her parents, and I had two blue pilled friends back home who are not aware of the existence of game. Despite the attraction, everything pointed out at she not being DTF. Affirmation needed. I touched her hand, looking at her fading nail gloss. She gave some nervy chill, she pulled back after a couple of seconds. Then, I was sure. I looked at my phone, told her I have to get back. We exchanged numbers and walked for a few minutes before heading on separate ways.

We texted a couple of times, but now I’m now in another country. The prospect of a typical Krauser initiated long game is my only option for the time being. Meanwhile, I am eager to start daygaming in Malaysia. Still yet to do any sessions for valid reasons. Daygaming is novel here, girls have never seen it before. I will probably have to start all over again……..

5 thoughts on “The delayed October Sarging : 3rd and 4th week”

  1. have you thought about a different strategy like perhaps just settling for an arranged marriage man? i mean you have done almost a 1000 sets now with no results! where is this all going?

    the truth is some men are not good looking enough or have too low value to get hot girls interested in them. on top of this the street is the hardest place to pick up girls. this all is sounding more and more desperate and pointless.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes but have you considered it could just be a complete waste of time for you? This time and energy could be spent building a better life, I mean you sound like you’re living like a bum, why not surectvyourd energy to a job, getting a decent place etc instead. Then perhaps you could find an Indian girl through introduction. This sounds like craziness, approaching hundreds of girls who just reject you. Why do this to yourself?


  2. 1) I have a job right now, and a place to live a happy life.
    2)I don’t care if I get indian girls, white girls, black girl, yellow girl or purple girl. A girl is a girl.
    3)Results matter but I enjoy the process
    4) I don’t care about rejections anymore, if the girl is not interested than she has missed out on an interesting guy. It’s her loss
    5) Conclusion : You are a moron for wasting time commenting on my post.
    6) Final conclusion : I am a bigger moron for spending time writing all this for you.


  3. Ill write back despite you being rude to me. I made those comments as I actually felt sorry for you. You may not agree with me but its only by listening to other views that we can learn so at least hear me out.

    Ill pick up some of your points, the reason I said you could get an indian girl through introduction is not through rascism or anything like this. Its just going to be easier for you as Indian girls are more amenable to meeting Indian guys. Also if you are introduced instead of doing cold approach at least the door is slightly open to show your personality and other DHVs. Problem with cold approach is that below a certain threshold of looks a girl wont stop, or at least wont stop for long, youre asking too much by expecting her to do this.

    On this talk about enjoying the process (words which could have come straight from the mouths of RSD/johnny berba etc), do you seriously enjoy walking around for hours and hours approaching girls most of which dont even stop to listen to you or brush you off without a second thought? If you were getting laid 1-2% of your cold approaches (this is what a good daygamer does) with decent quality girls 7/10s say I would accept it may be worth it. In your case its not happening. Take the hint dude that cold approach daygame doesnt work for you.

    Through reading your other posts, I can see that you have fallen into the trap of believing that if your cold approach pickup doesnt work for some time, you should do more, then more and you eventually you’ll get it! You are looking at it like learning how to play a sport, you can keep getting better and better with more skill. Pickup isnt like this. There is some element of skill (being able to approach, staying calm, being able to talk to a stranger etc) but these things will be learnt after a few months. After this there is nothing to learn beyond being entertaining but this doesnt get girls romantially interested in you in itself. Youve tried it and seen the results it produces for you. Sadly, hot girls will not be intersted in you approaching them on the street and trying to pick them up. If you dont beleive me continue and we can have this chat again after 2000 sets, or maybe 3000 if you like and you can tell me if your results have improved or not.

    I personally know some of the people you watch on your twitter feed, the London Daygame guys, they’d agree privately but not publically (as it would destroy their business). Ive seen lots of guys just like you get into daygame, get no results or somehow pickup a girl who they are value matched with and settle down with her. Daygame usually ‘works’ for decent to good looking guys appraoching girls the same or lower value to themselves. FACT.

    Good luck whatever you decide.


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