October Sarging (2nd Week) and Miscellaneous

Day game

  • 4 sessions – 21 sets – 2NBC/ 1FBC – 0 Dates – 0 Lays

  • All three flaked at different levels. This brown guy ended up humping his red pillow. Look at the picture below and you will understand.

    Yup. This is the very me

Night game

  • Non-existence as usual.

Online game

  • I look like shit in pictures. DOT


  • I pumped my body with explosive hydrogen cyanide.

  • Indian Hulk ready to be unleashed.

  • Muscles are growing and I look fitter since started re-working my dormant nerves and muscles.

Money and hustle –

  • Freelancing failed. Reason, lack of professional experience in writing. BOOM.

  • Building from scratches in the Warrior Forum.

  • Work on my sci-fiction thriller came to a halt.

  • Plans to learn business from a cousin who is into timber imports.

Others –

  • Confrontation with my family.

  • Basic Red Pill Indian guy problem.(More on this later once I return back home soon. I smell burnt charcoal launched towards me despite the distance)

  • Finished reading James A. Corey’s Caliban’s War. Recommended to all sci-fiction lovers but contains highly feminized characters, so don’t tear it apart. I nearly did.

Hunger for pussy – 200 %

PS: The guy in the picture above is not me. I look worst than that.

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