Book Review: From A Buick 8 by S.King

“A story should arise itself, the meaning comes along if it exists”- Stephen King


From a Buick 8 is one of Stephen Kings most divisive work. Extremely contradicting reviews all over the web. I came upon this book lurking around a book store during my summer holidays in the warm and alluring Balkans. It would cost me a petty 4 € to indulge into King’s fascinating world. I ignored the reviews, took the book with me, and started flipping the pages while devouring the artistry lying in my hands. I was disappointed, but only until a certain point. From A Buick 8 is not the most interesting piece of art out there, but it makes you think.

A police officer is murdered by his own uncalculated mistake. His son, a young man in the verge of adulthood inherits his father’s duty, although temporarily. There he gains valuable friendships and knowledge. He learns about the struggles and the pleasant adventures of a cop, including his father’s. One day, he discovers a car, a Buick 8, lying in the shed in the barracks. Past events are rekindled and the car, is just not a car, it’s a being, a being so dangerous capable of altering the reality and practicality of its admirer. Unlike my previous book review(The Great Gatsby), I will not disclose the plot of this fable. Fill in the missing puzzle yourself if you are keen on the answer lying beneath the cover of the book. But beware, the car is not an eye candy.

Life’s of police officers protecting their country, the burden held by a son who lost his father and at the other end the mystery surrounding the ghost car. All these elements told in King’s own way, or was it? It does not contain many racy screenplays. There were vaguely any ups or down. Perhaps one or two events which kept me at the edge of my friends cosy black sofa. There was no clear answer to the questions posed by the narratives. From where did the car come, where does it transport people, does it kill them, and the reason behind its creation. All of these enormous questions left unanswered. This is not your typical thriller or fantasy story. It’s not a book you read to be happy, amused or energetic. This book epitomizes life. Yes! The very life you, me and King live in.

Life is a compilation of incoherent events. It is rarely pragmatic and riddles lying within are not often solved. Most of the time, life is an unassuming journey that is filled with certain jolts, good and bad. From A Buick 8 perfectly deciphers these thoughts. We always tend to assimilate ourselves with the uncanny over the top fictions. This book will remind you the harsh reality of life. Guys wanting to become superheros and eager girls waiting for the special romance will be crushed hard. In the end of the day, reality is an ugly bitch. Life is like a yo-yo, you go up then come down, sometimes a knot on the string appears. You undo the dilemma, then the string breaks. You work hard and change it for the better, and the cycle continues. Some of these experiences will lack the logical explanation behind it. Unlocking these mysteries are not always the best of solutions.As they say, acceptance and ignorance are virtues.

From a Buick 8 deals with fate. That fate is random and unexplainable. Science would not be able to describe this book. There will be no constructive reasoning behind the events unfolding in this book. This is maybe King’s perception of life. I would disagree. Every consequence comes from the action of the actor. I am a stern believer of The Butterfly Effects, despite it being an exaggeration of The Chaos Theory. An occurrence taking place at a specific location and time can alter the future events independent of time and dimensions. It’s scary and unimaginable. How can a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon alter the sea level of the Indian Ocean? How can the colonisation of the 3rd world during the past centuries affect the mass technological advanced that the world is going through? Nothing is voluntary in life, and everything is related.

King wrote this book after surviving from an accident during his solo road trip. He wondered about the reversal. What if he had died? What would have happened? These were unanswered questions. These questions were born from the sole action of saving himself from drowning during the accident. His action leading to consequences, the idea for the book itself. The mystery surrounding the car was never revealed. Nobody knew where it came from and where it took the people it ate. The search for the answer led to further disappointments. Actions and consequences always exist,but results may not. Here, King has nailed it perfectly.

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