My takes on Eastern Europe

Fresh from my recent adventures out in the Eastern side of our beloved Europe, I puzzled over on the valuable lessons I have learned during my 2 months stay there. Sitting on my friend’s cozy black sofa, I decided to unseal my thoughts.

Money is not happiness

1d66204c-3cce-46e2-8c80-fbd96200a2fbWestern Europe is known as the financial powerhouse. Minimum salary in France and Germany is around 9 Euros per hour while people in the East earn 9 times less. Surprisingly, I never heard any complains from anyone over there. There are no strikes, nor any massive social or political movements, except for Serbians positive support rally for Donald Trump. Meanwhile, enough have been heard and said in the West. Bulgaria and Serbia are two of the poorest countries in the European peninsula behind Ukraine. But their citizens are proud of their culture and heritage. They love to party, probably every night. If you don’t believe me, spend two nights in Belgrade. Happiness goes a long way from making money. Sometimes it’s about filling the other holes in your life.

Hardcore mentality

These  countries were ruled by the former Soviet Union. Serbians went through 2 wars not too long ago against their neighbors. Hence, the warrior-like mentality. Trained since childhood to be strong and independent, they rarely complain This comes from the fact that they are not the richest people in the world which incorporates hard working mentality within them. They know that hard work is necessary for them to survive. You will find tough people here, mentally and physically. Meanwhile, the Frenchies would go on a strike for the simplest of things. Despite 35 hours of working hours per week with cigarette and coffee break included, they still want less. Guys and girls here are alpha. I’ve seen more buffed up guys in Serbia and Bulgaria than any other countries I have visited. A skinny guy can feel intimidated here. I started working out back since coming back to France. This served as a reminder to stay healthy and fit wherever I am.

Warmth and honesty

Give them respect and they will pour you with love. Mess with them, they will show you hell. I have met one of the most honest people ever during my stay in the Baltics and the Balkans. Ask for directions and be prepared to hear, “What, tell me quick” or “What you want”.I would not blame you for misunderstanding their honesty as rudeness. I fell in that trap too. People today are polite to preserve their own self-image or just to please others. You won’t see much of these in the East. A Lithuanian friend said to me, “Everybody who comes to Vilnius says that it is an amazing city, but they can’t tell me what is so amazing.” Social programming exists everywhere, but the East is less contaminated by this virus. Life here is simple and straightforward. Honesty is very much appreciated.

The girls


You can see this in Lithuania


If you are a guy then you are in for a treat. I live in France and love French girls. But nothing beats the tall, long-haired, light complexion of a Lithuanian girl. If you like leggy girls, with silky black hair with darker complexion then be prepared to be mesmerized by the Balkans. They might maintain some distance from you at the beginning , but they will not play any games with you. I have met many travelers, and at least 90 % of them agreed that the Balkans girls are by far the most beautiful in the world. The woman to man ratio in the Baltics is quite high. About 70 % of students in Lithuanian universities are girls. Imagine that!!! Serbia was a difficult place for me, but Lithuania was different. I regret only staying for a week there. But it’s a country that I will surely check out again in the near future.

The prices

It’s dead cheap. A meaty dinner with a big garlic bread and a pint of beer will cost you around 8 to 10 Euros in Belgrade. Yes, I am talking about high-end restaurants. 3 months of salary in Western Europe will last for 9 months in the East. A one bedroom apartment will cost you around 150 Euros of rent per month. The same haircut that cost me 5 Euros in Belgrade would cost 15 Euros in France. Ukraine, Serbia, and Bulgaria should be at the top of the list of a digital nomad who wants to live in Europe. I might move there to one day.


I went there thinking that the exotic factors would be a plus. It was a slight plus in the Baltics but not in Serbia or Bulgaria. Hordes of infectious refugee seeking temporary stay played a certain role. Being dark-skinned, I was sometimes misunderstood as a refugee. Dressing better surely helped me getting over this problem. Girls here are not used to having Indian guys approaching them, they probably never even seen one before. Hence, be prepared to approach more. Take a look at my Belgrade Misadventures those seeking further details. I met more experienced gamers here, and even they are having a hard time. Major capital cities in the Eastern Europe are suffering from PUA’s burnout, Belgrade is one of them. Remember that you are competing with the  local alpha guys , your game has to be top-notch. You can try Tinder or OK Cupid, but these aren’t real game are they?

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    1. Go to Belgrade without any expectations and will love it.

      And for the blogs
      These are about games and travels and mostly: suppose you know this one already)

      Mindset and philosophy


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