Review on The Great Gatsby(Author: F Scott Fitzgerald)

Review on The Great Gatsby(Author: F Scott Fitzgerald)

F Scott Fitzgerald has written 5 novels(where one is left unfinished) in his life time. Amid these, The Great Gatsby is regarded as one of his biggest magnum opus. Receiving rather weak reception during it’s early days, the fable achieved cult status later. Even being a contender for the title ‘The Great American Novel’. Told from a first person point of view, the story is revealed bit by bit by a modest man, Nick Carraway.

He narrates his past memories of a man called Mr Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is gentleman who has all except for one, the one that he wants out of everything else. Everything else he did was for her. She, meanwhile is married to another man out of circumstances. A wish-washy Daisy is in love with two man her lover, Jay Gatsby and her husband. Tom himself meanwhile is not very innocent, having a married mistress by his side. Written during the Roaring Twenties in the United States of America, F Scott Fitzgerald has submerged elements such as economic prosperity, new age criminal activities, white supremacy and societal development.

Jay Gatsby could have been a shining sigma, shining so bright and powerfully up in the vast sky where no arms or leg could reach to pluck him down. But that was not it. Not accepting his poverty, Gatsby dropped out of college and joined Dan Cody, a tycoon on a 5 year yacht expedition. Cody became Gatsby’s mentor. Teaching him the way of the gentlemen, Gatsby evolved. The young lad then went on to serve the military before a brief stint at the Oxford University. There he came to know that Daisy, his sweetheart was married to Tom Buchanan, a famous polo player from a wealthy family. Gatsby still in love with Daisy, decided to leave everything and followed his heart. But he did not have anything! Making acquittance with a gangster Meyer Wolfsheim, Gatsby ventured into illegal business. A minute walk along the dangerous path; extravagant parties, elegant cars, and a villa full of servants for sweating their master Jay Gatsby. He made tons of money and ended buying a house at the West Egg while becoming close friend with Nick Carraway, his foreseen neighbor. He wants Daisy back, wanting to go 5 years back when they meet to start all over again. Gatsby’s crazy desire over Daisy was devastating. A turmoil that he brought on himself.

Can’t repeat the past? He cried incredulously.’Why of course you can!’

Jay Gatsby’s story is a good red pill example of how a man should not fuck himself up. Gatsby was prolific in everything he undertook except for the ‘Pursuit of the perfect woman’. There is nothing such as a perfect woman. This was his weakness. He lived in an imaginary world thinking that love is blind. Blind it is, with female deceptions. His eagerness to rewind back the moments and live his remaining life with Daisy was delusional. On the other side, his rival Tom Buchanan was a starkly contrasting character. A polo player, levered social reputation, good with women and at the same time carrying a slight arrogant demeanor in him. He had two ladies in his life, a wife and a mistress. He differs from Gatsby. Despite the lack of elegant charm, Tom is cunning and full of trickery, he played his cards carefully to keep his wife and avoid any unneeded bad reputation.

Tom and Gatsby never got on well. Gatsby while in most situation remains calm and composed would come as an emotional freak in the case of love. Tom meanwhile was a calculative man with his thoughts and actions. He perfectly manipulates his wife with his words and undisputed deceptions which amplified Gatsby emotional burst. For some, Tom would be looked as a villain. He did what every top man will do to continue his survival in this world. Unapologetic, little emotional barrier and a mastery of the art of acting are the meticulous words I would use to portray Tom. Tom rekindling Gatsby’s past and his smuggling business. An air uncertainty appeared within Gatsby. This was the turning point of the confrontation between these two men.

Tom’s mistress is an unhappy woman. With plenty of unfilled dreams, she sought out Tom behind her husbands back. Mr Wilson is a paradox of Tom. His inability to live a prosperous life after 10 years of marriage cost him a wife. He is a man that is ordered around by his lady. His disability to put up a solid argument with Tom even enhances his submissiveness. He gets manipulated by Tom’s seductive words and behaviors, which eventually only brought gargantuan misery. In surplus, he is not respected by the people around him, including his wife. It was not a big surprise when he went all they way out to avenge her death despite knowing all her betrayals. Mr Wilson is a prime example, even a better sample compared to Gatsby on how being socially and physiologically bent could send a man to the gallows.

The true nature of  woman was also exposed in this drama. Daisy and the mistress, Mrs Wilson. Women seek out the best mate in term masculinity and long term prospect. Her affair with Tom is not a rare occurrence. Tom is a natural leader, rich and most of all successful. Her husband ends up in the opposite end. Despite being slapped harshly by Tom, she decided to stick by him. Her husband meanwhile can be considered as a weak creep who will presumably shrink at any moment. This highlights the inner nature of the female mind. They enjoy drama and seek the -domination of a strong man. Women take decision based on their emotions. What feels right at the present moment. Daisy is seen dangling with her emotional states throughout the fable. She married Tom as it seems the right thing to do at that time. When Gatsby reappears she gives away to her emotions again and ends up having an affair with him. A woman will act as you treat her. Let her step on you and she will. You can be the nice one, but be prepared to finish also as the last one. If you are lucky you might finish second last, but nobody cares about who comes second do they?

‘Look here, old sport, you’ve got to get somebody for me. You’ve got to try hard. I can’t go through this alone.

Its a choice, make the right one.


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