Belgrade Misadventures Final Part :Meeting Jimmy Jambone

Jimmy Jambone was in the neighborhood!!! I was elated. I came to know upon him while I was deeply swallowing Krauser’s Balls Deep. Jimmy was a close friend of Krauser and still is. In fact he was the one who taught Krauser during Krauser’s initial days in RSG(Rock Solid Games). I was interested in reviving the 3Bromigos blog which has now gone dead. He was interested in meeting me.

I took a break the next day, I woke up late and a had late morning breakfast. Fried egg and some salad with pepper which I made in the small unconventional kitchen in the apartment. I took some time to reflect on my life of the past 6 months. Being exposed more to game, reprogramming my mind with red pill issues, quitting my post as a doctorate, and my travels for the past 3 months or so. A year ago, I never thought that I will be doing all these. Understanding that the world outside is harsh and unforgiving, I was somehow mind fucked and at the same time pleased. Discovering and turning each layers off obstacles is a feeling I have started to embrace. As once and still said, a woman simply is, a man must become.

I went out to the park near the fortress to continue my affair with The Great Gatsby. I had a lady saying to me, “ Nice book you got there”. I said to myself, “ Of course, she is a lady”. Being rested, I was motivated enough for sarging the next day.. As usual, I had a large number of blowouts, and a few good set. My final set ended up in me NB closing a hot 18 years old Serbian. At the end of the set, it came upon me how much I was just looking at her talking and expressing herself. She was filling the gaps herself. I saw lots of investment and interest from her. I was overjoyed but the next day she blocked me in Watsapp. I wonder what could have gone wrong. The day after was a common affair. A normal day in the office I would say, couple of blowouts, and a few simple conversation. Nothing memorable.

That night I got a reply from Jimmy. We decided to meet up for breakfast. I was excited but was trying to think of some inputs for the blog(3 Bromigos)which I merely found. I then reached the point of rendez vous about 5 minutes early. Taking a seat at one of the tables outside, I waited eagerly for the man. I recognized him from one of his pictures in the blog. 10 minutes later, I saw the tall, a bit skinny figure but with a breezy sunglasses coming towards me. There he was. We shook hands. He was a pleasant guy. We chatted about his experience in game and life. We even spoke about John Bodi and Nick Krauser. How they meet and the things they are doing in life. It was a casual meeting, we became friends there.

Jimmy also suggested to me a city where there is no virus infection from the streams of PUA unlike Belgrade. For confidential reason and to prevent any PUA cock fest, I would not disclose this city. We were both leaving Belgrade to different destinations the next night and decided to meet up. I did not do any sets since then in Belgrade. The two days break will do lots of good to get rid of the fatigue accumulated since the past few days. We meet again the next night and walked while pulling our large suitcases through the dirty roads of Belgrade towards the train station. While sipping beer, I suggested some ideas for the blog. I was interested in writing reviews on books and travel advices. Jimmy liked the idea and promised me that he will put me in contact with Bojangles, another brown brother who is currently shagging hot Polish chicks. Jimmy too suggested me to start recording my sets with a cheap cam. It would make me realize the small mistakes I make. I suppose I will be getting one once I return back to France.

His train departed before mine and we shook hands but surely not for the last time. My guts told me that we would meet again. I sat back on my chair, sliding trough the pages of the unfinished yet utterly romantic novel I talked about. 15 days in Belgrade comes to an end. A mishap or a pleasant trip, I don’t know. Misadventures are part of life, it teaches you and feeds you with diligent amount of knowledge that should be cherished. I had my ups and downs in this city, whether I would return here or not is a question I would need to ask myself. Well it’s Belgrade.

Tips from Jimmy:

  1. Talk slow with a clear voice. Grab her attention with you voice.

  2. Let her talk when she wants too. Look at her and let her fill the silence when needed.

  3. Record your sets and analyses the micro mistakes you make.

  4. Day gaming is hard, its not a temporary choice, but a life long journey.

[The end]

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