Belgrade Misadventures Part 4 : Its all about the day

I faced series of blowouts in the next two days, cold depressing blowouts that went nowhere. I had a girl telling me about a guy approaching her earlier, I smiled and sent her on her way. This was one of those days where nothing goes right and each set just plummets your energy further down. I had a homeless guy who threw a big trout fish at me for no fucking reason. A bad day at the office indeed.

The next day was no different hence my decision to try the indirect game. Zero percent success. I was feeling down, energy sapped and my inner game was messed up. Indirect game was just not my niche. I tried it before and it just felt weird. It was like waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth with a toilet cleaning detergent instead of a toothpaste. Reading Krauser’s blog, the truth came upon me. Direct game is about inner game. Being yourself and expressing yourself in your own damn way without any remorse for the consequences of your actions. It made lots of sense. I felt myself doing a direct game.

I enjoyed the vibe when a girl accepts my approach and learned the harsh truth when I get scummed off. Direct game shows you the reality of the world. It creates a sense of awareness that will give you a subtle mind fuck. Sometimes good the other times bad. Accepting the truth is hard. It can burn your heart and mind to a level where your ego just crumbles down into ashes. I decided to accept the fact and not give up. Each failure makes you a better person. There is always another day to look forward.

Despite my failure infield, two of my NB close were responding to my text. Only problem is getting them out on dates. Both were busy, one working part time another one busy studying for exams. Angela was the most responsive as seen below. The fun was there but she was playing aloof and I could not get an enthusiastic yes from her. I decided to wait 2 more days to see the end results. I set out again the day after. A better day indeed. I had an instant date with two girls this time. Two Montenegrin sisters. I approached the younger one in a bookstore, the set went well, she hooked from the beginning and invited me to hang out with her sister. I decided to give it a go. I was sweating once I reached the restaurant.

They were having lunch while I took a chair and sat at the corner of the table. I ordered myself a beetroot juice which ended up tasting like a bad cocktail. I was feeling pressured. Two cute girls eating and talking in their native language, while I was sitting wondering about the dish served in front of them. I used it as a conversation opener, something I learned from Roosh’s book called ‘elderly opener’. “ Is that food good”. From there we started talking about different food, culture and language. I got to know more about both of them. They were both leaving that evening to their home town. So I decided not to plow through the set.

I finished my drink and I ejected. It was mainly because of pure pressure. But I was proud of myself of having under gone the experience. I was also happy of pulling out of my comfort zone and trying something new, the beetroot juice.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I did a good set with an English girl but did not NB close her as she was leaving the town in a few days. I went back to my room, opened my laptop and checked my mail. There I got a reply for a mail I sent previously, to the Legendary Jimmy Jambone………

[to be continued]

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