My Belgrade Misadventures Part 3:The ups and a few downs

My throat was still sore with a slight hunch of fever looming. I took a day off the streets to give my body a rest. Feeling better the next day, I decided to go back to mall were I felt much more comfortable. Before that, I did some warm up sets at the classical, PUA infested Knez Mihailova. My 2nd set there ended up in a number close. A cute average looking Serbian girl from a smaller town studying Norweigian language in Belgrade. She was kinda nervous but chatty around me. I sensed a good investment. She was not entirely my type, so I did not go for the idate. I approached a few more girls but all ended in blowouts

I then took the bus to the mall. My first set there was a beautiful but a bit chubby Serbian girl called Angela. She was receptive from the start. She was one of those rare Serbian’s who wants to leave the country and settle somewhere else. The set was going good but she was waiting for a friend. They are supposed to work at the Biere Festival nearby. I NB closed her. I face couple of blowouts and a few good sets. I had one girl who was resisting the interaction, I plowed on but could not break her barriers. The set ended, she left and I moved on.I then NB closed a Spanish girl on holidays in Serbia. She is an amateur tennis player cum business student in the USA. Her name is Ana just like the famous Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic. She was leaving after the weekend, so hopes of getting her out on a date is pretty low. I did a few more sets which went no where. It was a productive day, I had a good ego boost and went back to my room singing, smiling looking forward to the next day.

The sun came back up. I hustled the street late noon prying on my next targets. I did a warm up set at the student park. The next set after that, ended in a instant date with a Danish tourist. A 21 year old girl looking forward to studying medicine. She was hooked immediately and I proposed a drink together. She wanted to eat but I only needed a drink. We walked up to Terazije and sat at a table at a lounge bar along the street. We chatted along our walk and I sensed a good calm vibe unfolding around us. A bubble that only the girl and you are immersed in and nothing else counts. The bubble however is not an invincible one. One that has the tendency to stay strong and get stronger only if the right ingredients are added. The ingredients added depends solely or mostly on the hands of the cook. In this case the cook is me.

We sat down and made the orders. The cook’s work is to find the right balance of ingredients in term of quantity and disparity which will further enhance the bubble positively. In this case, the cook added too much of spices and the bubble started to explode in a awry wrong direction. It messed up the taste of the bubble and once the bubble exploded, there is rarely a way back. I took granted of the girls interest and started playing aloof. I teased too much and failed to further build proper rapport. I failed to engage the girl emotionally and I triggered her red senses. There were too much off teasing and wrong vibing. After her meal, the went to the toilets. She came back telling her friend has invited her to the beach and she has to leave. We settled the bills and she left me there. All alone wondering where it went. I then realized that I was putting soo much pressure on getting my first lay that I lost control of my game entirely.

I moved on, continued walking along the long street towards Slavia Square. I did a few more sets which ended in blowouts. My next set ended up in another idate. 2 instant dates in a day. Bingoooooo!!! This one was a tall Serbian girl. A waitress and a gym freak. Don’t worry she is not the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. She was lean and good looking. She was on her way for a coffee and I decided to hop in with her in a nearby coffee shop. We talked about workouts, coffee and drinks. She was very talkative. She even had a long chat about coffee with the waiter and got a 2nd one as she was not satisfied with her first coffee. Then things started pouring out about refugees and migrants. She had stereotypes in her mind. I needed not too care more. I continued to talk and at one point I tried escalating her. She said what would people say if they see a black guy touching me. I said I am brown not black. I looked around for a while, played uninterested. A few seconds later, I left. My ego was hurt a bit but after the incident with the Dutch girl I knew pick up is hard if your are black, Asian or Indian. I did 2 more sets that day which did not go anywhere. Anyhow I was overjoyed at my capability of getting instant dates. 6 so far in the past 1 month. The lay is not far away.

Or maybe I am just putting too much pressure on myself to get laid………

[to be continued]

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