My Belgrade Misadventures Part 2:(Meeting other Day gamers)

I took a day off to get my mind straight. I decided to hit the streets back on Monday(my 3rd day in Belgrade). It started with 3 blowouts at least. I was getting more blatant rejections here. The girls were not even stopping. I had doubts on my stopping techniques. Or maybe it was just the girls. I was still feeling the shackles from my previous Idate failure with Ana(Dutch-Swiss girl). I encouraged myself and got my myself some sticking point.

  1. Not everyone is like her.

  2. Everyone is racist to a certain level. Plow through it.

  3. Approach more as it is harder for you here.

I continued my walk not far away from Terazijé. There I spotted a tall,slurry girl wearing a long dress walking calmly. I stopped her. Came to know that she is a Serbian studying in France. I chatted with her a bit in French then switched back to English. The conversation went on for about 5 minutes. I came to know that she had a boyfriend. I did not push for the NB as I was happy to finally breaking the failure streak. I walked back to Republic Square, towards the same Knez Mihailova. There I saw a guy talking to a lady, getting her NB. His body language, style and vibe shouted day gamer. I went forward and asked him about it. His name was Paul. Paul told me to follow him and couple of seconds later, he introduced me to another 4 local day gamers. Two of them went of chasing a set of two girls and I never saw them again. Another guy disappeared couple of minutes later.

Paul,Michael and me sticked together. I opened a young girl, she was smiling and talked for a while. She did not hook,so I ejected a few minutes into the set. I saw Paul doing a few sets, but even he had lots of trouble getting the girls to hook. I found out from Michael that they have a big PUA lair here. With all of this guys approaching, plus the bootcamps and tourist in the city the girls have constructed a big bitch shield even during the day. Michael told me about the other daygame spots, USCE shopping mall, the man made beach and Student Park. I did two more sets that day. One was a tall brunette who nearly hooked but she kept on ejecting and I gave in at the end. The last one was a 16 years old girl. She hooked and talked for about 8 minutes until she said she was waiting for boyfriend. I sensed that she was telling the truth and left. Couple of minutes later I crossed by her with her boyfriend.

I went back home feeling a lot better. Meeting the new guys and couple of good sets pumped back my energy. I decided to change venue the next day, so I hit up the shopping mall called USCE. I was 10 minutes bus ride from the city. The mall was not that big but had sufficient flow of girls. I had like 5 blowouts,a few good sets but managed to number close 1 girl. She was a doing a Phd and teaching at the university at the same time. I managed to connect well with her. She was hooked after 4 minutes of my bantering. But the spark in the interaction started dying down towards the end. I suggested for an idate. She refused saying that she needs to do shopping and meet her friends. I took her number in the end.

I did couple more sets which did not go anywhere. Nevertheless, I was feeling sick. My throat was itchy and burning, while I was feeling a slight fever. I went back home that day feeling happy as I had a big boost for my inner game but my body was giving way to the sickness…..

[to be continued]

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