Bratislava Intel : 3rd Instant Date with a cute Slovakian

After a week of village life in Poland, I hit up Bratislava. Boom!!! Wrong time, and I already booked airbnb for the rest of the week. The streets were pretty much empty except for the occasional passage of a few hot girls. Lots of tourist the first weekend, not existent night life and a pretty boring city. Nobody should spend more than two days here, but I had 6 days to go. Despite the slow vibe of the city, I was pretty much in mood to day game after a week of rest from game. I spent the first day touring the city. I found a couple of good day game spots. Around Postova street, the old town to game some tourist and last but not least Eurovea shopping. Bratislava is a student city and the my biggest mistake is coming here during summer when all of them are away sniffing the salty beach air.

Nevertheless, Eurovea had a good traffic of girls. I sticked to this spot for day gaming frequenting it for at least 3 hours of day game. Logistically not a great place, as I have to take the tram back and there was no proper bar nearby except for couple of coffee shops. I got good reception from girls here. Mostly friendly. There was this one girl who wasted my time before here boyfriend came. I day gamed 4 times in 6 days I was there. I tried pushing for instant date in each and every interaction. I stopped asking for number unless I see vast investment in girls. I number closed a few girls and FB closed one girl(who did not accept my friend request). There were not many sets to approach so I decided to make the most of each one. And finally, on my 4th day there I got my 3rd instant date with a cute Slovakian.

She was on holidays from her summer job in an Italian restaurant. I opened her. After couple of minute of vibing and plowing. She opened up after 5 minutes and started investing more. I saw glittering eyes with it. I suggested instant date. She compiled telling that she need some water as she haven’t drank anything for a few hours. I lead her to a coffee shop at the end of the shopping mall near the supermarket. We started talking and the longer we went, the more she invested. Good sign. I did some spiking and teasing. At the same time, I sensed some nervousness. The reason was that she is speaking lots of English after some time. I touched her finger giving reason to see her ring. I then concentrated on building rapport. I took hold of her long hair and stroked it gently. It was quite long, the longest I have seen in Bratislava. She remained calm and comfortable. Then came the problem. She was working for the next three days morning till night. It was already late and I will be leaving town in 2 days.

After 40 minutes, I decided to move venue. We went outside and she offered me a cigarette. Once a chain smoker, I knew I would not get addicted again just after one cigarette. I light up my stick and we restarted talking while smoking. It was getting cold and I started walking with her to the tram stop. We were at the junction, I wanted to push for the venue change to escalate further. . I turned to face her. I said to her that we will not meet again so I will have to give her a gift. I told her to close her eyes. I went for the kiss. She pulled back but then giggled. I pushed my lips forwards and kissed her again. There, that moment, I should have held her hand and lead her to another bar. But for some reason, I chickened out. I wished her good bye and took the tram going in the opposite direction to her’s. I took a break the next day. I did another 10 sets a day before leaving Bratislava where 4 of them were solid. But 2 of them had boyfriends and I failed to show enough persistence in the later 2 sets.

My improvements :

  1. I have drastically reduced my approach anxiety. I rarely creep out of the set unlike before. Statistically, I approach 80-90 % of the girls I am attracted to.

  2. Body language improvement. I now cross my hands less. More open. My eye contacts has improved.

  3. I let the girls do the talking once I reached the hook point. Previously, I tend to banter and ramble too much even after various IOI’s . Over gaming is de-gaming.

  4. Getting a girls number doesn’t matter. Spend more time with her physical self

To improve:

  1. Pushing the dates to the maximum. I realised that the dates did not convert into lays mainly because of my lack of decisiveness and playing it too safe.

  2. Building persistence to created interest from maybe girls; I still eject too early once the girls show disinterest.

  3. I still tend to talk too much and cut off the girl.
  4. Getting the lay I want. My balls are becoming bluer!!!

Bratislava is  a city with some hot girls (nothing like Lithuania). Given the chance, I would not visit this place again for its slow and dreadful vibe. After Bratislava, I took the train down south all the way to Belgrade. The land of one of the most beautiful women on the planet, they say.But my first day in Belgrade was an eventful one, one that mind fucked me for a day(it was just a day to the least).

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