Vilnius Trip report: 1st instant date

I hit up Vilnius after Kaunas. My first day there, I meet with a guy from RooshV forum. He told me about him getting 2 lays from 2 tinder dates. He suggested me using tinder, but having tried it I know it does not work for me. The next day,I went out daygaming. For some reason the weather in Lithuania is quite unpredictable. This day was warm and cloudy which was perfect for daygaming. I strolled along Gedimino Boulevard which is the main shopping street in Vilnius. For any daygamers, I recommend running your conquest from Gedimino street, up to the Cathedral and all the way to Pilies street and Didzioji street.

I did a small warm up set to get into the mood. My next approach was a young blond carrying a bag across Gedimino boulevard. She looked quite young until I found out that she just finished her 1st year in university. I opened her direct with a bit of tease, telling her that she looks like a drug dealer probably carrying cocaine in her bag. The bag was apparently empty and she was heading to her summer job. I did a good 5 minutes conversation until I she told me that she has a boyfriend. I persisted but the set did not go anywhere and we wished each other to have a nice day. I then had 2 more blowouts. One of them was probably a tourist who looked at me like a street beggar and just walked away. I laughed out a loud at that rejection.

My next approach ended up in a very strong set. She was walking holding her phone while playing pokemon GO. I made fun a bit about people playing pokemon GO but she told me that it enables her to exercise while playing game and she only does it in the weekend. Her name was Yava. We chatted for about 20 minutes. She was pretty interesting and I felt that we had a good connection. She is a brand manager, same age as me, and does yoga. My sufficient knowledge on yoga gave me enough banter and rambling to continue the set. In the end, I NB closed her. She even told that she will either save my number or as a second option, delete my number. I assumed that as a shit test and said,”Thats your wish,you can do anything you want.”

My next approach was a tourist. She told me she couldn’t speak proper english and walked away. After her, I NB closed a petite Dutch girl. She was on her way to the public toilet while holding a phone. She was playing pokemen go(May god save all of them). She was there for a week with her phone. It was last minute trip and they came to Vilnius as it was the cheapest flight they could find. We chatted for about 5-8 minutes. She showed some interest by asking me personal question and giving me long replies. After her, I made a small conversation with another girl, but the set ended prematurely as she was in a rush.

Couple of minutes after that, I managed to NB close a Swedish girl. She did not look Swedish at all I would say. We talked for a good 10 minutes. A strong set with lots of fun vibe and good comfort building. However, she will be leaving in 4 days to another city to work. I took her number in case I get lucky but I knew it will be difficult to see her again. I was feeling very good. This was a good day and I already managed to NB close 3 girls in less than 45 minutes, in a new city being a beginner. Next came what I would say, the one that took me to another level.

I spotted her taking pictures of a set of decoration items set up outside a wine bar at Pilius.g. I went up to her and said, “You are the first person taking pictures of these things, thats a bit different so I just have to come up to you and say hi, I guess you do something artistic in life.” She smiled at me and said,”Yes.” I came to know that she is Ukrainian, came to Vilnius just to get a long visa sanctioned. I started talking about myself to build more rapport. Bad news is that she is leaving to Italy tomorrow morning. Bad logistics. I then went for the kill, I asked to go for a quick drink together. She did not reject, but said that she wanted to visit the Gothic Church and after that she would be free. I knew about the church from the guy I meet through the forum but haven’t visited it myself yet. I acted as though I knew the city well. She had a map and I could recognize the street. We started walking towards the church but ended up asking a girl selling ice cream the direction as we went a bit off trail. We then reached the church, took some pictures. Then I suggested going for a coffee at Coffee Inn. She agreed.

I finally obtained my first instant date from daygame. I was overjoyed in the inside but kept my calm. We got ourselves some drinks and headed to the park just beside the cathedral for some fresh air. There I built more rapport to get to know her more. We chatted about our ambition, hobbies, sports, animals and many more things. I realized that 40 minutes passed by in a flash. She then asked me a question, “What would you have done if I had ignored you or rejected you when you approached me.” This question shaked me quite a bit. I said that I would have taken it lightly and moved on. Everyone has to face failure at one point in their life.

I saw signs of interest in her. Playing her necklace and touching her hair. She was a bit nervous. I was still talking more that her and my lack of experience prevented me from escalating her. I than playfully tickled her near her waist. She looked at me in a slightly weird way. She tickled me back and I jerked as I am an easy victim of rape tickles. I decided to take it a step further. I suggested beer and some food and started getting up from the bench without asking for her permission. It worked. We started walking and ended going to a Italian Restaurant. I had a pint of beer and she a glass of wine. I started talking about alcohol. I talked about my liking for whisky and beer, the different types of these beverages and other similar things. I also compared French and Italian culture in the way I know them as she will be visiting Italy soon.

My conscious said that she is interested and I should start escalating physically. I then touched her hand and said how soft it was but at the same time she is sweating. She started teasing me back sometimes, I maintained my frame and took it lightly. I tried some validation by asking back my name(my usual spiking method as I have very uncommon Indian name given to me,thanks to my dad who believes in astrology and numerology). She could not remember my name. I then said, “ I was falling in love with you, but now you break my heart. I will give you my second heart but I think you will break it again.”

I then took her hand, looked into her light colored grey eyes and said“My name is complicated because it was given to me based on my time and date of birth. It is a bit like palm reading. I will show it to you. This long line that goes near you wrist is your life line. Its long. Which means you will live quite long. Then you have this smaller line. It shows the number of children you will have. Oh my god!!! You gonna have at least 8 children. But thats is never going to happen. You know why?” She shook her head. “ Because we use protection when we have sex nowdays. And this line here. It tells that there is a guy in front of you and you like him.” She kept quite. I excused myself and went to the WC.

I came back and moved my chair nearer to her. Enabling me to touch and escalate her physically. I started talking normally for a couple of minutes. I don’t really remember what I said, but then I touched her knees cap lightly and did a small circle around it. Couple of minutes later I went up to her thighs and rested my palm on it. She was relaxed. No resistance and her facial expression remained the same. I sensed that my escalations are working. I then pulled myself closer and asked her to close her eyes. She resisted and said that she knew what I was going to do. I then removed my hand from her thighs and did some small talk. 5 minutes later I turned her face towards me and kissed her. I then paid the bill and we left the bar.

She was leaving the next morning 5 am to Italy. It was 9.00 pm when we left the bar. I knew I had to pull her back to my place. She resisted. I told I have some food at my place and we will grab something to eat, watch a movie and I will send her off. She said no. We started walking back to her hostel; I had two choices, go for the bang in the hostel or persuade her to take her things and return to my place to spend the night. We stopped at certain places on the way. I did some validation tests on her. At one point I accused her as being racist for some reason I don’t remember. She said that her ex-boyfriend was a dark skinned latino who had same skin tone as me. That disqualifies her as not racist. We walked even further, kissed a few more time and at one she started resisting me. I sensed it as shit test and just remained calm. We walked further she resisted my hand on her hips and ass. We were nearing her hostel, and there I lost it. I said that I would walk away,and that I don’t care what happens. I started walking. I turned slightly and saw her standing looking at me. I kept walking thinking she would come towards me. I was wrong. She went into the hostel and I never saw her again.

My main mistake was taking it for granted that she is into me and failing to get through LMR. Logistics played a part too, but I failed to get the lay because of my inexperience in these kind of situations. I then go myself another instant date with a Jewish Bulgarian girl a couple of days later. But she managed to beat me at my own game. She turned the conversation into logical bantering where she started leading the conversation. Talking about politics and religion did not help either. I touched her hand, but she pulled back immediately. It was one hour into the date. After finishing our drinks we walked on our own ways. I went out on Friday night to do my final night game session before leaving Vilnius, I managed to be friends with some cool Swiss guys. I had a strong eye contact with a local girl. She had this DTF sparkling eyes. But I had to leave early as I had a guy coming to check in together with me in my small studio. I was utterly disappointed. This however taught me a lot about logistics. Nevertheless, I finally got a taste of instant date and my game has reached another level despite the improvement I should and must still do.

Fun facts from these experiences:

  1. Get you own private place well located from your daygame/ nightgame spots

  2. Do not eject from set, take risk and maintain your frame during LMR, use some logical/ imaginary bantering based on the situation if needed.

  3. Lead the conversation

  4. No politics or religion during dates

  5. Escalate gradually and take action fast once you see the chance.

I left for Poland the next day where I volunteered for a week in a village. No game nor pick up here as there were no available targets. I then went to Bratislava for 6 days. Not the best place to go during summer, but I managed to get another instant date with a cute petite slovakian girl with whom I had a good time with. More on that in my next article.

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