Daygame in Kaunas : First FB close

Daygame in Kaunas : First FB close

I spent one week in Kaunas in mid July. A very bad time indeed as the city was rock dead. The students went back home and to the beaches, leaving the locals. I managed to do a couple of approaches each day, not more that 7-10 per day as there were very little single girls loitering around. Akropolis had probably the best traffic and most of my approaches came from there.

This also marked my first city of pick up since learning game seriously. I used to do most of my sets in French and being in Lithuania, language change is needed. A new environment and new people all messed with my brain. Not doing any daygame 3 days before leaving for my trip made things even worst. I took it slowly, I visited Akropolis shopping mall(based on Roosh’s guide in his forum). I did 3 approaches in about 90 minutes. I did miss out on at least another 8 girls as my anxiety increased. Nevertheless, 2 out of those 3 sets ended up being good sets being around 5 -7 minutes long. However, the girls were not investing enough hence there were no number or date closes.

My second day was not much different. But this time I daygamed in the old town, a zombie old town in my opinion. Very few single girls, I approached 2 girls on this day and did some conversation but got rejected. Not a very memorable day either as the weather was bad, but I did eat a nice chicken Lithuanian dish.. I took a break the next day and decided to refill my battery for the day after. To my amazement, I realised that my AA has lowered tremendously, for an unknown reason. I did 8 approaches, where 2 of them were at least a 10 minutes conversation, another 3 sets a basic 5 minutes talk. I pried on instant date and hopefully a same day lay as I was leaving town in 2 days. A number close will lead to nothing as there would not be enough time to meet them again. I went hope home as happy as a little girl with a lollipop in her hand knowing that I had made vast improvements.

My second last day in Kaunas, I was still hoping for at least an instant date. And guess what, I got one. Probably an awkward one, but I would still consider it as an instant date. It was my second set of the day(first one being a warm up by asking directions). I spotted a cute tall girl sitting on the bench near the bus ticket counter eating ice cream. I opened her with telling “ I love your all black costume, it looks mysterious and the same time quite feminine, but seeing you eating ice cream, reminds me of a small girl eating ice cream while waiting for her dad to pick her up”. She said that it was a compliment as many people say that she is too tall. She was quite tall. At least my height(180 cm), but I could not tell precisely as she was seated. In reply I said, I am quite tall myself and tall people don’t scare me.

I did some fun playful vibing after my opener (not sure what I said). She started asking me questions after questions which I replied calmly. I gave longer answer to her question to get her talking too. But she ended asking me a question at the end of each of her rambling. At one point she asked me whether I have a girlfriend, I replied,”No, why are you asking so much. Do you want to marry me.” She laughed. I sensed that she was a yes girl and this might just work out. To my dismay, she is actually waiting for her bus and will leave in 30 minutes. Hence, no lay nor venue changing in this one. But I wanted to see how far this would go, as I never had a girl show this much interest in me. I then changed the conversation rhythm. I decided to get to know more about her.

I came to know that she has just finished high school(for some reason, many Lithuanians finish school at 19 years old). She told me more about her, her ambition and where she is going to study after this. I suddenly got hungry, hence I ran to an hotdog stall just 5 meters away and got me something to bite on. I saw her smiling at me. I asked the reason for the laugh once I returned to the bench. She replied, “ You looked like you were really hungry.” We talked even more. She that she wants to study psychology to dig deep into peoples brain and secrets. She even talked to me about her dream to build a house, get married and live with her husband and children. I then said that, “I can be your husband, but I will be a very bad and abusive one.” I changed the topic and said, “I think I have a better idea. We will get ourselves a big boat. Go on a trip to the middle of Pacific Ocean. Hit the shores of an isolated island where there are just me and you, some wild exotic animals, a beach and some plants. There we will set up a tent, bath in the sea, take sunbaths, cook food and at night make love together.” She looked at me and said that she likes my idea.

I then decided to do some verbal escalation to see her reaction. I said, “I like your lips. You don’t use make -up.” In return, “ I was working as a cleaner(summer job), I sweat a lot. So I don’t use make-up now.” I then did some push and pull. Showing interest at one point and then teasing her. She was receptive and said that I am someone interesting. If this had not been for her bus, I would have gotten at least a proper instant date for the first time. Nevertheless, time was up and she had to board her bus. I then decided to go for the number( just in case I visit Lithuania back one day). She then retaliated and said that she would prefer my facebook. Not really caring about the end product as I will leave the next day, I gave her my facebook. I did not think for a moment that she would add me as. To my surprise, I received a request from her the next day. My first FB close I would say.

Despite not leading anywhere, I managed to hold solid conversation with proper vibe and basically no anxiety at all. I did one more set after that with another girl. The set was going well, but the girl did not have much things to say or she was just too shy. I ejected from the set after nearly 10 minutes. I was really astonished at my improvements. I promised that I would carry this positive mindset and feeling to Vilnius. And what happened in Vilnius was another story all together to be told in my next post.

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