Toulouse City Review

Tolouse city review

City overview:

This review came a bit late as I have been having fun in Lithuania(more on that in my next blog), I spent three weeks in Toulouse from the end of June to the middle of July before leaving for my Eastern Europe adventure. I have no words for Toulouse, the city, the vibe and the people are excellent. Apart from their “accent du sud”, which is sometimes hilarous Toulouse is a city that I would live in for a long, long time. With around 1 million of population and being the best student city in France, Toulouse is a dream city for any player or people looking for a happy decent life in a big city


Lots of friendly girls. Lots and lots of them. They are very approachable and rejection comes in a subtle way. I got rejected a lot here but most of them were polite in a real honest way(not like the typical French bullshit). Lots of latino girls as Toulouse is just a few hours from Spain. I even approached one Bolivian girl and a Venezuelan girl here. I spent my time here at the beginning of summer, the city was booming on the first week but after that it was quite empty without many young chicks of my age. Most of them go on vacations to somewhere else.


Go direct. Local girls here are not as bitchy as local girls in other part of France. The will talk and give you a chance especially if you are a foreigner. I meet lots of chicks who were interested in my background but not me as a lover. The first week my game was bad, I did lots of conversation but did not close any of them. The second and third week were better and I nearly closed a petite french girl(from my previous article) but missed out for some mind set reason. I would recommended this city for students very much and for tourist, stay at least or a week to get any results.

Night venues:

I went out at night twice to do some game and dancing. The first time I managed to get a Venezuelan girl interested in me. I met her in a latino pub called El Dorado. She told me that she will be going to Opium, a night club. I was stupid enough not to bring any cash and we could not enter the night club. Girl missed!!!!

El Dorado : Party till 3 am. Party like south american’s. They party hard and the best at doing it. Good musics and hot latino chicks. The bouncers can be a big head ache, I nearly got thrown out the second time I was here just for approaching a hot latino. Brown guy in a wrong place!!

Le Saint de Sein :The Saint of Breast if translated in English. A pub playing french songs with people dancing on the tables. The bouncer was friendly towards me at least. A bar with lots of french chicks. They were average looking but very drunk. Didn’t do any approaches here.

Check RooshvForum, Toulouse datasheet for further info on night venues.

Day game venues :

Rue Alsace Loraine : The busiest street in the city with lots of girls. It’s the main shopping street. A park in the middle and benches to sit. You can run eagle game, fox game or practically any kind of daygame here. I did most of approaches here and got all my number close here.

Quai de la Garonne : Along the river Garonne. Lots of youth partying and drinking. Good if you have wingman or someone who can approach a group of people. You can stumble upon girls reading books or just enjoying the view.

Campus : I didn’t game here. But Toulouse has been voted the best student city in France for the past two years. A sure hit daygame venue except for summer as students go back home during this time.

Towards Esquirol : Esquirol is a place not far away from the city center. A couple of bars and people walking on the streets. A good daygame venue

Conclusion : Logistics were bad here for me as I was staying with friends. I nearly closed a girl but my lack of experience screwed me up. I got numbers after numbers, but all flaked as my phone game was pretty lame I guess. Nevertheless, Toulouse is a must visit city. If you are visiting Barcelona, do pass by and stay in Toulouse. Enjoy the southern sun and the girls.

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