When she said, ” Don’t you want me”

Three weeks in Toulouse, I did about 8-10 sessions of daygames, about 3 hours each. I spent the first few sessions, getting into the heat of the town, visiting the city, and a moderate amounts of approaches. I didn’t get far in these approaches, but my second week here resulted in around 5 numbers. All flaked, but I stopped whining as I expect them to flake anyway. Nevertheless, it was not until last week Wednesday where I missed a glaring chance which gave a sense of humiliation.

My first 6 approaches of the day went nowhere, a couple of warm of set and blatant rejections followed. I was out for about one hour already. I then decided to do eagle game as explained in the Return of the Kings. I sat down on a round stone beach placed along Rue Alsace Loraine in Toulouse. I could see my targets walking by as I spot the one I would engage in. I saw a petite girl wearing a white dress with some small babyish design on it. She passed by me, I stood up but the weasel started to creep into my brain. She was about to enter a shop, I then hesitated. I thought that I have blown it, she then stopped just outside and started window shopping. I stopped the bullshits in my brain and engaged her with a compliment + tease opener as explained by Nick Krauser. The only different thing is, that I did it in French as I sensed that she was a French girl.

“Excuse me, I was sitting over there. You walked by me. Its a bit weird, but I like your dress. It gives this feminine and happy energy. At the same time, I saw you peeking through the window, it seems as though you were looking to steal something from the shop like a little thief.” She giggled, I saw her eyes shine and glitter. She replied, “ Yeah, I was looking through the window, but I ain’t a thief.” in a fun flirty way. I continued vibing, mixing up with what I do for living with some fun imaginative story about going on vacation to Antartica, building an igloo, and living with the penguins. I then asked about her city of origin, she said she is from another city further north. I made fun of her pale skin and her girlish looks. She said that she got tanned a bit this summer and she is 21 years old. Once, in a night club a guy made fun of her age telling that she looked like a 15 years old. She got angry and went back home. I changed the topic telling that she doesn’t look 15 and more like 18 or 19 years old, not immature but not old enough to know the world.

I then came to know that she is working in a dental clinic as a secretary in Toulouse and will be going back to her home town for a month. She just finished shopping and was going back home. I continued the set with more comfort building, I talked about my travels, music ,animals and love for movies. She likes Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, which is quite uncommon among French girls. I explained a bit about my country of origin and my indian culture. I did some spiking, teasing and qualification test. She told me she can’t cook. I was not half impressed. There were lots of push and pull. In the other hand, she did load of shit test. When I said that I would love to travel to South Africa one day, she shot back, “ I know, its because the girls there are hot.” I maintained my frame and said, “ I am a straight guy, its normal.” She even shit tested me if I was telling my real name, I explained the reasons behind my complex unheard name.

The set was going on for 20 minutes, then I said that I practiced Tae-Kwon-Do and all girls should learn some form of martial arts to protect themselves. I then started a role play, “ I am the so called brown James Bond. I am going on a mission to Russia to kill the mafias. There, by accident I will meet you, we will go on an adventure to kill the bad people. I will teach you how to fight, we kill the mafias, take their money then make sweet sweet love.” She replied playfully while coming near me, “No, we aren’t gonna make love.” I remained indifferent but I saw the green signal in her deep blue eyes. The set was dying and I was running out things to say, she was going back home anyway. Hence, green light for instant date.

I then said, “ I am waiting for a friend in 20 minutes, I am gonna grab a coffee, let’s go together. She resisted playfully. I continued talking and asked again, but to no avail. I then decided to go for the number,but failed miserably. She suddenly asked me from no man’s land, “ Don’t you want me.” I was confused and at the same time mesmerized. That was the first time any girl asked me something like that. I thought it was another shit test. I played coy telling there are plenty of fish in the ocean and sometimes you can find prawns, crabs and squids too. She laughed. Not knowing what to say next. I said good bye and ejected from the set. I saw her walking by looking down on the pavement.

I did a few more approaches after that, most of it ended in a couple of minutes, mostly by me. Energy sapped and feeling tired, I returned back home and reflected back on my session and realized how big of an idiot I was. I waisted a big opportunity today, all went well until the weasel interfered with my head. I should have done some physical escalation, I barely touched her during the set. A small touch on the hand or the waist could have done wonders. I am not shy about touching, but being a daygame beginner these does not come to my thoughts during the set.

This has served me as a big lessons, daygame as a beginner is about taking the opportunity once you have acquired it. I promised to myself never to let it slip by me again in the same way.

I did a few more days of approaching in Toulouse after that, but combination of bad weather and people leaving the city for summer holidays did not yield much results. Meanwhile, I am sitting on my friend’s couch in his apartment enjoying my last day in Toulouse, writing this article sipping some whisky. I will be leaving on a Eastern European journey traveling across 5 countries. Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia,Serbia and Bulgaria. My journey continues!!

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