No more wing mans!!!!

I have come to know around 7 gamers or wing mans. So far only one guy worked for me out of these 7. I wouldn’t blame them as I met the rest through a local forum. The first guy, largely overweight bus driver who have been daygaming for about 3 years. I couldn’t find any word to describe his approaches. I tried helping him with my minimalistic daygame skills but I am yet to become a teacher, I failed. We never contacted each other after that as there were a clear miss in chemistry between us.

Nevertheless, the next guy I meet gave me some hope. He was a law student trying to get out of his nice guy image. We chatted once and exchanged numbers but never went daygaming together for certain reasons. I sensed that he had huge approach anxiety, even more than me. We lost contact as the semester came to an end a few weeks later. I meet 2 guys in Lyon after that, they called themselves advanced players, gaming for about 5-8 years. I was excited as I finally got to meet someone experienced and I was beckoning for the chance to learn some new insights.

They approached, and failed at the first second. They failed to even make the girls stop. I was bemused, I had better game and skills than these guys. I did my own approaches and made a few solid conversation and got a number from a spanish girl. Once done, I looked around for them. I lost them. I then went back home alone thinking that I would not find the right wing man for me. One of the guy messaged me back, telling that he will call me for some nightgaming session. He never did. I was not interested in calling him either. To make things worst, I had another guy asking me to send him my photo as he didn’t feel safe to meet someone new. He even made fun of me telling that I do not have enough guts to approach girls. I ignored him.

Only once, I did well having a wingman. It was with my friend and current house mate. I introduction him to daygame and he was amused. He is still in the phase of getting over his high approach anxiety. I tried teaching him a bit while gaming for myself at the same time. But being a positive person and having good chemistry with me, we make a good team. I realized that having a wing man is not essential for me, I have had the same results in both cases. However, I would surely work with one, if and only if we have the same mindset and positive energy. Do not go out with a person who discriminates you or bring downs your vibe. Having a wing man is like women having a manicure on their nails, its not essential but looks appealing if done properly, goes wrong then they are fucked.

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