City Review : Lyon,France


City Overview:

In France,Lyon has the 2nd biggest metropolitan population after Paris. It is full of young and old people as well as students. Just 3 hours of train from Paris and 3 hours of bus from Turin, Lyon is a must visit city for those who adore 2nd tier city. Unlike Paris, Lyon is filled with local French and second generation Arab immigrants.

The girls:

I never gamed in Paris, so I won’t compare Parisian girls with “Les Lyonnaises”. However, I will say that girls in Lyon are friendlier than their neighbors in Grenoble. As the population is bigger, there are more girls to be approached and there are very little social consequences as it is impossible to meet them again by accident. During summer, there are lots of tourist and there are plenty of students during the rest of the year. French is not compulsory but appreciated as English speaker can be found quite often.


I like direct game and did some daygame sessions during my stay here. I came upon Krauser’s Begineer Daygame Book and applied his teachings. It worked wonders. I realised that girls were more receptive toards my openers as my vibe improved. In the same time, I believe that my game was getting better. Nevertheless, anyone who comes here to get the girls will need a tight game. Intermediate and advanced players with exceptional French linguistics skills will gain success here. Newbies like me will have to try hard.Indirect game is inefficient here as girls seem to be irresponsive to the change in topic during the approach.

Night game venues:

Bars here closes early, dead early like around 2 am the latest just like Grenoble. I didn’t do any night game here but there are plenty of bars near Hotel de Ville.

Day game venues :

Rue de la Republique: It is situated near to Bellecour Metro stop. This road has lots of shopping stalls. Huge number of girls pass by this street especially between 5 pm to 7 pm. Make it your primary daygame venue.

Vieux Lyon : The most famous touristic spot in Lyon. I met Australians, Canadians and a Portuguese girl here while daygaming. Don’t forget to visit the castle at the top for a view of city.

Quai de Rhone: You can find many girls just sitting and reading along the river. Good place to approach as long as you don’t creep them out.

Part -Dieu shopping mall : A huge shopping mall, probably the 3rd biggest in France. A famous day game venu for many players. Some Ukrainian guy approached about 40 girls here and got chased out by the guards. Girls here carry a bitch shield, hence avoid this place unless it’s raining outside.

Personal experience : My game improved here. As I wrote above, my vibe was better and my opener worked wonder. But I had problem continuing certain conversation with girls. I still obtained plenty of rejections nevertheless. I didn’t do many sessions here during my 3 weeks stay as I was busy with other stuffs. The vibe of the city was amazing as Euro 2016 was going on in France. I had 2-4 number close, but never called back the girls. Logistics were not great either as I was living in the hall of an apartment with 2 other friends.

Bottom line:

Lyon is a great city which I would love to live in. It has a big population which make daygame quite interesting. It is not as chaotic as Paris and people here are friendlier. If you visit France, do visit Lyon and enjoy the vibe of the city.

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