Field Report of First Three Month:Grenoble

My real initiation in pick-up started from the begininnig of the year after my trip from Germany. I started approaching more random girls in Grenoble. Being a student, I decided to use the campus as my approaching base. I would spend at least 3 days per week, 2 to 3 hours hours per day practicing and thightening my game. Being a beginner, I knew I needed lots of practicing and I accepted rejections. My biggest problem was my approach anxiety. Couple of years ago I would sweat while sitting beside a girl in my class room. My throat will go dry and I will disappear into shyness.

My French is excellent but it was not my mother tongue, I had more problems. Nevertheless, the first few weeks were spent on opening and talking for a few minutes. I did mostly direct approaches and found that most of them responded postively. However, my approaches were limited. I did not apporach enough girls. I would go out and talk to only 3 to 5 girls during my 2 hours session. I would chicken out on the rest of the hot girls that I see. I came up with a few routines which allows me to plow for around 2 to 3 minutes. RooshVs routines from day bang helped a lot. I would open a girl direct,then start a conversation as though I was looking for a pet shop (Day bang from RooshV)and randomly spotted her.

I continued on, I was improving but very slowly. Towards the end of January, I realised that my conversation skills improved. I managed to talk to girls for about 7 to 10 minutes. I managed to reduce the pressure that I used to feel when talking to random strangers. One day, I managed to get the number of a girl, two days later I went out on my first date from daygame. I was overjoyed. Her name was Chloe, a 19 years old French girl studying medicine. We basicly had very little chemistry and the date wasn’t going anywhere. I came to know that she has a thing for dark guys and I supposed that was the reason she decided to go on a date with me. Assuming that she was interested in me I decidd to escalate verbally 20 minutes into the date, but at one point I escalated to fast where I complimented her ass on our way back to the tram stop. There I lost it, as she started being unreceptive to my rants.

Despite the date failure, I was happy that I got my first date in the first place.I knew I lost it with her, hence I deleted her number. At the end of the month,I analysed my problems during my day sarge.

  1. I am not approaching enough girls(3-5 girls per session is just not enough)

  2. I talk to fast

  3. I need to work on building more comfort

February was a drab month. I strained my thigh when playing football. I was out for 2 months as excess walking or standing increased the pain. So, no day game in February and March. However as I was not totally immobilized, I managed to practice by approaching on the way to school. I did not improve much during this period, but I did enough to stay in the flow so that it will not too difficult after recovering from my injury.

April was unproductive. The month was spent mostly in getting back to the flow of approaching. I can say that, it is compulsary for beginners to practice game continously in the first few months with very little interval. I realise that sometimes even a few days of interval will re-create a certain level of anxiety. I gained a few numbers but all of them flaked. Mixed with bad weather and lack of parties or indoor gaming venues, April was pretty uneventfull. This also came during the time when I resigned from my Phd course. I decided to move out of town at the end of May, travelling while looking for a job.

In May, I saw drastic improvements in my game. I was more relaxed and was approaching more girls during each session. I chicken out less and could at least open 10 -15 girls during 2 hours of session, where at least 3 end up in a solid conversation( about 10 minutes talk). In addition, I feel more relaxed, this helped in reducing my talking speed. I was more calm and was able to make solid eye contact. Once, I timed my approach, I was elated as I managed to talk to a girl for 20 minutes or more. I continued my progress, and managed to do the same since then. During this month, my number count increased but most of it flaked except for 2 girls. I managed to fix a date with a Korean girl but she never showed up. Another French hottie who initally replied my messages ended up flaking when I called her back after a few days.

My progress in number :

Numbers of approaches: 250 (+- 25)

Phone numbers : 15 (+-3)

Number of date : 3

Make outs : 1

Lays : 0

My progress is pretty slow, or at least in the below average speed rate. I would say my main problem is not approaching enough. Sometimes,I am too picky as my level of exceptations are high. Hence, I decided to tone it down until recently I even talked to a few chubby girls who aren’t normally my type. Furthermore, I do not approach girs in different situations. I have been too used to stopping girls who walk in the opposite direction that I hesitate to open in other conditions which ends up limiting my approaches. I also realised that I do not persist enough and the set dies fast after the initial rejections. Most of the numbers I obtained were from yes girls. But I am letting the maybe girls slip by me, where are a bit more hard work would have worked wonders. Nevertheless,I came up with the list of things to work on for the next few weeks :

  1. Open at least 20 girls in a session

  2. Open girls in different situations(reading books, eating,playing, on a escalator, taking tram,etc)

  3. Practice sexual escalation

  4. Be more persistance

I will be leaving Grenoble to Lyon for a couple of weeks before enganging in some travelling during the summer. I will be posting my progresses and some of adventures and misadventures during my time in Lyon soon.

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