City Report : Grenoble, France


City Overview:


Grenoble is a city for students. Every year thousands of student flock in for their education. Its a city surrounded by the Alpes, a paradise for skiers and hikers especially from November to March. Its a 2nd tier city and is in the top 10 city with highest population in France. Its small enough to be conquered by foot but big enough to never be bored.

The girls:

As there are plenty of students, you can expect to meet Erasmus girls and girls from other parts of the world. Germans, Colombians, Spanish, Koreans, you name it. The students are generally very friendly unless they are really in a rush. As there are more girls in the French universities compared to mens, there are basicly less competition. Even the french girls from other part of France are quite polite and friendly. Some people can speak English but French will help a lot. However, the local so called “Grenobloisses” can be quite cold. There is a saying in France that the more south you go in France the more hostile are the locals and Grenoble proves it.


I recommend direct game with the students. They are more open and are ready to meet new guys especially if you come from a different culture like me. However, indirect game is better with the local ladies here as they dont want to be seen with a stranger by their family or friends. The French care too much about their reputation, as you can’t change it play along. Day game is preferred around the campus on weekdays, while night game is a must on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Do hit the Erasmus Party as its normally a pussy fest while guys there have no game at all. But remember, its a average sized city, hence its possible to accidently cross path with a girls you approached before so make most out of each approach.

Night game venues:

Bars here closes early, dead early like around 2 am the latest. However,there are 3 main night clubs that anyone can go:

  1. L’Impérial(the biggest, frequented by all class of people)

  1. Le Pheonix(Mostly frequented by students)

  1. Le Vertigo(The best in the city centre, lots of young girls of legal age of course)

Day game venues :

  1. Campus(Area around Bibliotechque Universitaire)- Students passing by all the time especially at lunch time and around 5 pm after classes.

  2. Victor Hugo – City Center of Grenoble with a big square, Lots of shopping stalls here, suggested on Saturdays.

  3. Parc Paul Mistral – The biggest park in Grenoble. Approach here on a sunny summer day or on Sundays when people are relaxing.

  4. Grand Place – A shopping mall which is not that big, but a good place to approach if the weather is bad. Frequented by young Arab liberals.

Others :

Living cost here is basiclly the same as other 2nd tier cities in France. A good place to stay and study. But nothing much to be visited except the mountains. Transport is cheap at 1,50 euros for one way in trams or buses. Hostel cost from 15-20 euros per day while a 20 m² studio appartment in the city centre cost no more than 400 euros per month.

Personal experience :

I stayed here during the last three months of my studies. Girls in Erasmus party were quite receptive but I could not close the deal as my game was not that good(I am a beginner).However, I had few dates which led to one make out session with a local girl. I got lots of number, but most of it flaked as my game was not tight enough. Newbie might suffer, at least an intermediate level of game is needed.

Bottom line:

This is one of the best student cities out there in France ranking second just after Toulouse. Its very lively with plenty of activities during the schooling periods, but its pretty dead during summer. Go for it if you love mountain activities or the Alpes between September to April.

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