How it all started and Germany Trip

I came to know about pick-up during summer 2015. My reason for googling it up was no different from many guys out there, a series of rejections from girls I had crush on. The first PUA I followed was Sasha Daygame. I liked his direct, fun self amused style of approach but wondered if those things will work. After spending lots of my time watching theories and videos, I decided to try out my luck. To my suprise the first girl I approached was receptive, but my lack of game and high approach anxiety screwed me up. I approached a few girls for the next 4 to 5 months since then but most of it ended in failure except for one lucky number.

I then decided to get coaching from Deepak Wayne in Germany as I come from a pretty similar background as him. I believed that the level of game needed in France(where I am currently) and Germany are quite similar as both countries are advanced Western European countries. Hence, I made way to Berlin during the Christmas holidays. Being an avid traveller myself, I decided to round Germany.So it should be Berlin,Munich,Stuttgart and Heidelberg followed my a long bus journey back to France. Three days went by fast and after 18 hours of infield and theory, I felt much more confident and learned to hone my game.

I took 2 days off in Munich, not approaching anyone and just relaxed surrounded by the Christmas vibe. I headed to Stuttgart, the city where Posrche and Mercedez were established. I approached couple of girls here, but was rejected as I could not communicated in German and my game was not tight enough. Stuttgart is a city where English is not widely spoken unlike Berlin. With a hinch of dissapointment and also tiredness, I made my way back to the hostel. The hot shower and pizza made my day better ,enhanced by Echo Park(a thriller fiction story). Enjoying my book while sitting at the bar while sipping on a pint of beer,at that moment came Gabriela.

I observed her as she browsed through the drink menu, after 5 minutes she said to the server that she doesn’t know what she wants. I smirked and continued to read my book(playing coy). She glanced at me and smiled a little as I returned the favor. She finally decided to go for a Cola with whisky combo which normally has a carmelized taste. The server was from Eritrea, a friendly guy whom I got along quite well since I came to the hostel. He gave us a shot of mint alcohol which I gulped happily. The next second, I opened the girl saying’ Mint is okay, I prefer whisky and beer’. Pretty lame but that got us talking about drinks and food.

She was from Peru and came to Germany with her brothers to celebrate Christmas with their uncle. I nearly quit the set as I thought that her brothers were probably lurking around. I was gladly relieved when she told me that her siblings decided to travel solo (including her). No friends, no siblings, no parents, hence no cockblockers at least for now. She was all chatty and energetic, I did not have to build comfort with her as she was talking to me as if she knew me for ages. She even said to me that I should let her talk, I laughed instantly.I decided to just guide the conversation and let her do all the talking.

In between, I used some push and pull routines. For example I would ask a girl if she remembers my name. As I have a compilcated one, most girls get it wrong, I would continue with “I was falling in love with you, but you break my heart”.I started escalating verbally and started showing more signs of interest in her. Then came the Polish rugs or as I call external cockblockers. Their game was shittier than mine, hence I decided to let them to ruin their own game. I sugessted to Gabriela that we move to a smaller table near the main hall. I was well into my 3rd pint and I could sense that she was interested in me.

After knowing that I am of Indian ethnicity, she said that I reminded her of Rajesh from The Big Bang Thoery and that she likes the character. Knowing that she was hooked and we were about to finish our 3rd drink.,I continued to escalate her a bit further and was touching her hand by now. She than decided to go back to her dorm as she has a train to catch tomorrow morning. I proceded by accompanying her towards her dorm which was on the 2nd floor of the building. We took the lift and as we were about to get out I looked in her eyes and went for the kiss. She stuck all of her tongue in my mouth and was a bad kisser. We continued making out in the corridor and things started getting heated up. She told me that we can have sex if I have a condom which I din’t at that time, It was tonight or never but logistics were bad as I was staying in another dorm myself.

I wanted to pull her to the toilet downstairs but I was afraid of getting caught as people were frequently coming in and out. As aa group of people started coming into the corridor, we broke apart from the make out session. She went inside her dorm, gave me a flying kiss and told me that we will meet again if it is meant to be. I stopped believing in these bullshits long time ago. Meanwhile, I went back to my bed, lying on in with my eyes open for a moment. I was happy that I managed to pull a girl but at the same time I was dejected as I could not seal the deal. I woke up the next morning, decided not to pay Gabriela a visit in her room and took the bus heading towards Heidelberg.

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