Let’s go!!!

It was September 2015, discussing with my mom I told her”I’m gonna accept this Phd offer and see how it goes. If I get it right I’ll keep doing it, or else I’ll quite and do something else”. Fast forward 7 months, I was standing in my director’s office with my feet clamped on the floor, head full of heat and listening to tempestuous yet thought provoking advice. My motivation and ambition for my research subject has receded these previous months. Nevertheless, I wasn’t surprised as I anticipated this outcome sooner or later. Incapable of adjusting to the dormant working environment and tired of doing physics for the past 7 years, I needed a new purpose for life.

I was once a game denialist. I was always refusing the fact that I was fed with lies and false hopes. It was mind fuck for me. After convincing myself enough I tried what I read and saw in the videos, and I still have vivid memory of the first random girl I approached near the beach of Cannes. A week later, I got my first number from a girl I meet in a city park. I still remember a girl who freaked out as I complimented her. I still remember the first girl I kissed in a club I hustled with my buddies. All these expriences, confessed to me the ability of a common man to do something that most people presume as “Practically Impossible”.I continued my journey, while the fire and will to get better with girls grew each day.

Regardless, I came to a halt, rejection after rejections during day approaches came fast and quickly. A demon called approach anxiety still creeped on my tail whenever I see a desirable woman. I decided to get coaching. I learned the technics to approach, to connect, and to proceed the right way with ladies. Now I am nearly three months into my pick up journey knowing the right technics and path to seduce and initiate sex with women. My passion for pick up has skyrocketed until I start dedicating too much time on thinking about it. I realized that pick up makes me happy not only from the pleasure of meeting new woman but also from the inner self development I gain each day.

Having made up my mind to quit my PhD course, I plan the engage on pick up. I don’t plan to become a full time Pick Up Artist, I don’t plan to seduce every girl in this world, and I don’t plan on being the greatest pick up artist ever live. But with my financial resources being on my side for the time being, I am going to take this chance to explore this other side of life. Till then.

Live long pick-up!!!

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